Sennheiser HD58X Jubilee or HD599?

Hello! I need new headphones primarily for editing and gaming. I’m tired of using gaming headphones, they’re uncomfortable and have bad audio quality. Also, I’ve never used studio headphones before. So, which one’s should I get? HD599 or HD58X?

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Personally I prefer the 58x for a more refined tuning and a bit better capabilities imo. Both share the same house sound though. Would you be getting an amp and dac? Also any sonic goals you would have like a preferred sound signature or something besides editing and gaming?

but there are some good gaming headsets that have excellent sound. they’re still niche compared to all the options out there, but they exist. take a look at the Cooler Master MH751, as an example.

also, what’s your budget, as perhaps there are better options available for your money.

Yes, I’ll be getting the Evo 4! I listen to very chill instrumental and occasionally rap. Sorry, I don’t know much about sound signatures, I just want my audio to sound clean lol!

My budget is $200! I don’t really want to get a gaming headset, since I do a lot of editing and I want my audio to sound as clean as possible.

Hmmm in that case the 58x is a good fit if you want solid imaging for games, a bit smoother warmer signature but realtitively neutral, and something that can be powered off your Evo 4. I would give a nod to the dt880 600 ohm which imo might be more impressive for all your use cases, but it requires an amp that’s more powerful than the Evo 4 (although you could use the Evo 4 as your dac)


fortunately he doesn’t have the EVO 4 yet. what would you recommend as an alternative to go with the DT880’s?

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Really none of the audio interfaces are going to have enough juice to power the 880s imo

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how about the Hel or Fulla?

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that would have enough for 250 ohm model beyers and you would limit yourself to boom pros or modmics, th efulla also doesnt sound that great the hel is a bit overpriced for how that thing sounds

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i’m guessing with the interest in an audio interface he probably is looking to keep an XLR microphone as well since thats the main reason for an interface… it might be a good idea to go line in into the schiit magni heresy or liquid spark but that would be an extra hundred bucks in the budget that might be difficult

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