Sennheiser HD660s vs Beyerdynamics TYGR 300R

I have been looking for good all around (Movies, gaming, music) open back headphones to use as a daily driver.
After a lot of thinking, reading and review watching I got to the HD660s vs TYGR 300R, but since they are in a different price category it’s very hard to find direct comparisons between them.

Since I can get the HD660s for a bit over 40% off, the price difference becomes a lot smaller and less of a deciding factor.

If anyone own either or better yet both of them and can tell me why you like one or the other that would possibly help me get a better picture.

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If there is one thing you need to know about the sennheiser hd6 series, they have absolutely no soundstage.

If soundstage is a priority to you for movies and gaming, don’t consider the HD660S.

On the other hand, I would expect the HD660S to have better details, and to scale better (although the HD600, HD6XX, HD650 still scale better)

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I owned the 660s before(upgraded to Ananda) all I can say is that I never liked them for gaming, movies(they are boring)
I currently own the Tygr 300r all I can say is that they prob the best Default Headphones for under 200$ music,movies,gaming.Well for music i still prefer my Ananda
Hopefully you find some used Tygr300r because they are out of stock in months,that’s how popular they are

I actually agree with this. I sold mine to a friend but indeed, for $200 they have great imaging, they’re really comfortable, no treble peaks or harshness, and a simple pad swap has big changes if you need one.

660s vs tygr

Imaging: almost equal

Soundstage: 6 series sennheiser has very little staging and is extremely narrow meanwhile tygr has a rather large above average stage

Signature: sennheisers try to be extremely neutral and 660 is no exception. 660 has a more balanced neutral tone but the bass is rather recessive or can be seen as lacking, mids are a bit pushed up and sennheiser is well known for fantastic mids, and the treble is again right around neutral. Tygr on the other hand is a redone dt 990… it’s a v signature but a more tolerable one that sounds more warm than it does bright though the mids are recessive. Both are well rounded but 660 can be seen as boring while tygr can be seen as bad for the mids

Separation: both perform exceptionally here with tygr having the win… larger stage that separates incredibly well.

Power: 150 ohms 660 vs 32 ohms tygr… tygr is easier to drive but 660 responds better to amps and dacs and especially tube amps

Comfort and build: 660s really have very oval cups that may not fit everyone’s head, they dont fit mine for instance and feel more on ear. The build is hardened plastic with velour pads. Skull crushing head clamp out of the box new but fixable through stretching but still quite light on the head. They are comfortable as long as they fit. Tygr is also hardened plastic but feels lighter on the head with full circular pads. Fits fine and the light weight is quite something in terms of comfort. 660 feels sturdier than tygr but tygr I think is more comfortable personally

Detail retrieval: due to the toning back of the impedance and the treble the tygr isn’t as detailed as its brother dt 990 making the 660 more detailed and resolving but not by a huge margin. Clarity and intimacy are definitely won by the 660


When movies and gaming are included as high priorities, I would lean to the TYGR. Not sure what you’re running them off of and what you like to listen to though either. But the Senns offer a very tight stage, as others have mentioned. The Beyers probably offer more bass and sizzle for effects-driven listening.

Me thinks they’re 150 ohms. That Beyer driver isn’t particularly sensitive I know, I’d want “something” driving them in any case. Knowing the chain here will be important.


Corrected the impedance

Both require some power though…

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I would run them of a Topping L30 + E30 stack.
I like to listen to 70s-80s pop/rock & metal mostly.

Hardening up on my TYGR vote.


For those genres… agreed

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