🔶 Sennheiser HD660s

What’s the question? What is your goal? What do you want it to do for you?

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Well i heard that at its full price its not worth over the 650 or 6xx. I cant get the 6xx. Listening to music and movies watching. I tried them in store seemed pretty good compared to what i have (dt770 250ohm). Other than the hd660s im also considering the sundara or he400se. I like less bright headphones and as faf as my research goes the sundara and he400se are brighter. I like the fact the the senn come with balanced cable. I listen to a variety of genres of music.

Edit: the hd600 and 650 are not on the table becuase i dont think i have the amp to power them or tubes.

Assuming you’re running a balanced source and have a power limitation, then the 660s probably serve you better than the 300Ω models, for sure. Seems to be a little darker model too in the range of 6__ series cans. Price is right. Sundara and 400se will have a bit more flair up-top, where some will accuse of 6__ series as being ‘veiled’. If you’re not confident on your source powering the 300Ω Senns, I wouldn’t want to try powering the HFM planars - unsure what your source chain is. This series of headphones is also not the first thing I’d look to for cinema/multimedia usage, but people vary widely on these headphones for those applications.

Price seems right.

My source chain is ifi zen can and fiio btr5(for the time being, i am looking for a standalone dac). If you have any better suggestions i would love to hear them!

On the music front, what do you listen to? What do you like about your 770?
Why are you using a closed-back now and switching to an open-back?

A variety of music, i change my music form month to month. Im not sure i like the 770 that much, it is sibalant for me, mids seem recessed and not detailed, bass dont reallt care that much. Im trying to experiment as much as i can to find my signature sound, i dont really care if its open back or closed back but i did like the elongated cup shape of the senn more than the 770.

It’s worth it at anything under $400, most detailed hp you can buy under $500 imo and I got the edition xs too, it does lose in soundstage and bass extension to planars, but yeah it’s a no brainer at $250…

Yeah, seems like a really good price. I like the comfort a lot.

Yeah, I think the 660s is a good fit at your price. Those Senns are reasonably efficient, hell I run a 58x on a tiny dongle dac from my phone on walks and it does okay. It is easier to power than 250Ω BD, I think.

You’ll get a better amp going forward. You can’t always get everything you want, just understand that spaciousness isn’t plus on these. But it is mid-forward, non-sibilant, well-textured. If it is too clampy out of the box you can play with that through the extended arms (not the top band!). And they’re known to have better spatial/imaging properties than the rest of the 6__ series. Go for it. The HFM low/mid-level planar have more top-end shine to them. The Adorama deal on 560v4 at $199 (unsure if still active) would be a good pick for movie cans that have some real space to them - folks really vary in feedback on these with treble - and you need more power.

Go for the 660s!

Yeah, I’ll go for them. Any suggestions for dacs?

You know, originally I got confused and was thinking you can a Zen DAC. Your Zen CAN has good power balanced for the headphones we’ve mentioned - no problem. Regarding DAC, are there features that are important at all? What inputs are needed? Wireless? Remote? Figure out the features needs/wants. You should go with something balanced, I know iFi inputs 4.4mm. There are adapters out there for male 4.4mm to dual XLR. Brainfarting, but you’re seeking a somewhat warm/dark headphone and iFi leans into that, I might try to synergize with a leaner DAC. Someone can chime in. Also - do you know what is available to you where you are?

A lot of people recommend the zen DAC as an addition to the zen can. Usb input is enough for me, no wireless (no point apple doesn’t support LDAC), remote don’t care. Yeah would like everything to be balanced or at least have the option in the future. Well topping, smsl, schiit, xduoo, aune, fx audio, Cambridge audio. that’s it I think, out of the more popular ones.

Cabling-wise it certainly becomes easy. Lots of people like the sound processing/eq they come with.
If no bells and whistles required, a Modius is pretty good. Drop is not an option, correct?

Schiit modius ok. Why not modi? What are the differences? Yeah drop doesn’t really work.

I got a 660s for $300 and think it well worth the cost. And worth the extra money over the 6xx. I’ve owned both a 600 and a 650 and believe the 660s to be the pick of the litter.

I have powered mine with a BTR5 and it works. You would however be better off with something more powerful like one of the Xduoo portable dac/amps or a Schiit stack.

I also have a DT770 and now find it just about unlistenable. Too bright and fatiguing.

I love how Amazon says, “1 LITHIUM ION BATTERIES REQUIRED”


Well shoot, maybe that is why I am not getting the most out these cans… I forgot the batteries! Strange, that…

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