Sennheiser HD6XX Dekoni Pad Options

Hey Everyone,

Was looking for some input by anyone who might have swapped the stock HD6XX stock pads with some of the Dekoni options. Wanted to see if anyone had any experience in how the various pad options might have changed the headphones.

Was reading some recommendation on looking at the Choice Leather as a good option. But wanted to see if anyone had some input on here.

Generally Senns don’t take all that well to pad swaps away from the OEMs. From swapping pads on the 58x, leather pads result in a very congested sound, and while the hybrids also have some similar impact, it’s far closer to stock. From a comfort perspective, I’ve preferred to leave the hybrids on even though they do alter the sound a little.

I went for the suede for my 600 because the pads they came with were filthy and totally done. No significant difference other than a bit better width which I liked. Also a lot better seal (eye glass wearer).

Maybe this little right up would help.

I had the hybrid pads on my 6XX and it bumped up the bass. Took them off after 1 1/2 years and realized that it took out so much clarity from the sound. In direct comparison it sounded muddy with the dekoni pads. But they are super comfortable with the dekoni pads. Would recommend keeping stock.

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