🔶 Sennheiser HD800S


The elex has a more balanced signature and better dynamics, I think the 800s has more detail, a wider stage, and a more treble heavy signature. Also a fair bit more amp picky

Power wise yes but I don’t think it would sound that great imo

See above statement


Something like a woo audio wa6 se or Feliks audio echo are good choices imo. The tor audio Rodger is also good. With upgraded tubes I think the 336se preforms well too. Finding a used massdrop Eddie current is also a good choice I think

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@M0N thanks again, you are a legend!

Would these be good tubes for the darkvoice?
RCA 6AS7G Tube - 125/125 Strong
Sylvania 6SN7 GTB Tube

(Asking, someone is selling the darkvoice with these upgraded tubes)

If I’m looking for really wide headphones, huge soundstage, great imaging, what cans would you suggest? I thought thats where the 800s shined.

They do well in that regard, very impressive wow factor for stage. My gripes come from that it’s not natural stage and exaggerated, it just sounds artificially boosted and not like a soundstage should sound imo, but not everyone is after what I like. I personally prefer the clear overall but that’s a preference thing

Those sound pretty good, there are also many tube rolling threads for the darkvoice on here too

I’ll check those thanks!

I suppose my DAC, toppling D10, would need upgrading if I go with one of the amp listed above…?

It should be fine, but perhaps consider something like the topping d50s or enog 2 pro

I’ve never really taken to these, I’ve always wanted to like them but I tend to think that a headphone selling at that price point should be good out of the box whereas the good experiences I’ve had with these have used EQ to tame them.

Yeah. I agree with this. They sound good on a 789 but the darkvoice with some good tubes calms down the highs/peaky treble. Makes it warmer which it benefits from.