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This is the official thread for the Sennheiser HD800S. This thread is for discussion and reviews.

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These cans are made for tube honestly, i use the schiit valhalla 2 and it’s a great pairing

What improves in comparison to solid state? @Mario_Flores

The first thing i noticed was that the highs were subdue. I am very sensitive to highs, so when i first bought them, i was getting a lot of ear fatigue even when listening through my Sony NW-WM1A’s balanced output that usually has a bit of a warm sound. Plugged them to my valhalla2 with the stocks tubes and hours passed and my ear was no begging me to stop. And the subdue highs get every note of the violins and plates, listening to the Nier:Automata OST was truly an experience.

Secondly, since the highs are subdue, the mids get a bit more forward so enjoying singer focused songs such as classic rock and Mtv Unplugged line up, i got the feeling i was in a room perfectly centered to the stage.

Thirdly, although these cans by default are not bassy, has a great definition but not a lot of depth, tubing these the bass gets like and extra reverberation at the end of the note. Listening to steppenwolf and creedence, the bass guitar gets like a “hum” sound that gives a little more body to the bass note.

My solid state amp is the Aune x7s 2018 edition btw. Hope this description is helpful :slight_smile:

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That’s a great description, thanks for your help!

What’s a fair price for these on the used market?

One sold on ebay the other day for around 900 euro

Pretty much 700-900 USD in good condition