Sennheiser IE200 VS TANGZU x HBB Wu Heyday Edition🎧

Hello Friends both these two iems are under my radar to purchase.But really not sure which to pick.,I have heard very good things about them both.but still confused which one to choose.

I know that the Heyday is 20-50$ more than IE200 but i will buy it if it’s worth the extra money?

Give me your thoughts and thanks for your attention🙏

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I say heyday. I think the sound is better and the fit. You can also wait a little bit and there will be sales on Nov 11. It’s a good set.

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Wait for 11/11… Also, 7Hz Timeless 2 is almost out… might be worth checking.


do you know when is it coming out?

Don’t know, but if it’s presented it’s a matter of weeks.

I think a lot of products are going to be launched soon. I think the goal is to get them out before the holidays to increase sales, then possibly add them to 11.11 sales for even further discount depending on demand.

The MMCX style of the senn 200 drove me crazy, they were also very small in the ear. What about the heyday and senn 222 makes them appealing? We might be able to recommend a set that will work for you for less. Like HBB’s Olina is just really nice out of the box, just sound’s right.

well i guess the reviews on IE200 and also from my research the HeyDay seems one the best planars under 200

my budget any iem under 200$ i like instrumental music , and i think i like bass but not really sure because i have not tried anything yet :frowning:

Aful Performer 5 might be worth looking into. Simgot EM6L at 109 is good as well. Could even try the KZ PR 2 which is also very good and only 45 dollars. The Quintet is pretty amazing for the price as well.

Aful Performer 5 is the one best IEMs under the 200$ mark?

I like it a lot, Kiwiears Quintet is also good but is like 220 or so. This hobby is super subjective and nobody reviews or listens to everything.

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Ok Jaytiss can you say what your top 5 choices around or under 200$


Aful 5 Kiwi ears Quintet are both super good. Hbb Olina is really nice, as is Hexa for the cost, and even the Truthear Red.

can get access to the full document please?

If anything let me know.


Jaytiss do you have a biased taste in ranking iems? and what is your taste in iems?

I like some bass with good trebble. I’m still somewhat figuring it all out what I like and don’t like. I think so much of a good iem is if you can get a good fit with it.

what do you think purchasing advice from Audiophile youtubers, Can/should I trust them and listen to their advice some examples like Gizaudio,Crinacle ,DMS, Headphone show , z review because i base all my knowledge and recommendations from them?

I search for reviews on stuff I already own and see how each reviewer describes them. That way you know if they’re accurate to what you’re hearing too.

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Great question!

Gizaudio is mid
Crinacle is S tier but he doesn’t review much as of late
DMS is poor for iems and overall is a talking head
Resolve from the headphone show is good for overears
Z is a talking head
HBB is very good
Mark of Super reviews is very good.

This is spicy. :slight_smile: