Sennheiser MOMENTUM In-Ear failing cable

Hi there,

So basically the cable on my Sennheiser MOMENTUM In-Ear is falling apart (as you can see in the pictures down below) and although I’m trying to be very gentle with it, it will certainly going to fail very soon. Have them for 3 years, but I’ve used them daily only for the last one. I was expecting better build quality from them, but hey, at least I’m disappointed now.

What should I do from here now? I don’t think that heat shrinking tubes will help me, nor electrical tape. Is my only option to change the cable itself, like in this guide for example? Do you have any other recommendations?

For the connector, I think a couple layers of heat shrink would help a lot. Just have it extend over connector piece as well. Not sure about the ear pieces though. If replacing the wire isn’t an option, I’d try encapsulating it with something to prevent a wire strain failure from happening .