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This is the official thread for the Sennheiser PC37x. This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Over Ear
  • No Amp needed
  • Open Back

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So, if you were to hold these to the AK47 of open backs (SHP 9500), should I buy it?

I fucking love mine, so it’s hard to imagine upgrading from it, but I’m still looking for that something better.

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I personally like the sound of these over the shps. But I would save a bit more cash and just get the 58x’s Instead as that would be the next logical step up

So these or the Coolermaster MH751 ?
I am in search of a closed back headset for office use (music and calls). Mobile phone and SIP deskphone are all connected to the PC. I am concerned that the semi open design means there is noticable leakage not suitable for an office environment.

For music and gaming at home I have a pair of HD58x which I love.
I was hoping for a solution that i could also take on the road that is easier for the people around me than the HD58x and hopefully offer me some isolation at lower sound levels :slight_smile:

Should I be looking for something like the Sony XM3? I can wait until black Friday for a good deal for the those.

If you want more isolation and want to take these into the public, the MH751 imo is the better option, as it will isolate more and has a less gamer design with a detachable mic.

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thank you for the reply :slight_smile:

Looks like there’s an upgrade to these coming out:

Lol did anyone here ever buy the original PC37X?

I was checking to see if a new thread got made for the PC38X… @M0N can you go ahead and make one?

I did. They were a bit muffled, but that might have just been because I was using the 1/4" output on the LCX.

I’m still using and enjoying them.

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I’m guessing the lack of interest in gaming headsets is due to people preferring regular headphones. I still sometimes use my Game One only because it’s noise isolating mic

This is the only reason I even use mine. I’ve never been able to arrange a mic setup that exactly worked for me, and the open back sennheiser gaming headsets have just worked out. They’re also the only gaming headsets I even tried that both had a good mic and were enjoyable for more than just gaming. The only thing I disliked about the pc37x is that the treble can be a bit much at times, but that problem was abated when I switched out my d50+atom setup for a bf2+rnhp.

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I put a piece of white tac on the back of the magnet (which has a big hole in it, it’s basically a Polo Mint/LifeSaver). I tried taking the paper of the vents on the cup and that made the treble much worse, hence the white tac. Maybe an extra bit of paper or foam would be better.

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Hi from Maine, newbie here getting into HiFi headphones about 4 months ago. I own or have owned these and here are my thoughts:

  • SHP 9500’s with BoomPro (because Zeos)
    MH752’s (oh, the comfort, because Zeos…)
    PC37x (because Joshua Valour and Zeos? - there are so many videos I lose track)
    X2HR (because it seemed like the obvious upgrade path to 9500’s)
    KPH30i w/big boy Grado pads (again…because Zeos…LOL)
    Schiit Hel I got for Christmas.
    My friend’s Modi/Vali stack with AKG Q701’s (borrowed).

I’m only going to address the ones I have that people mentioned in comments above, since those are things I own.

SHP 9500’s with BoomPro:

Good comfort, great natural sound, amazing soundstage and imaging seems pretty good for CoD Warzone. Bass is there for music, doesn’t get super low though, but also doesn’t interfere with footsteps in games. These are my favorite so far for balanced sound and the BoomPro mic is AMAZING. The need for a mic that plugs into the earpiece is a priority for me because of work calls and Discord.


My oldest son has been using these. Closed back, but I gave them another listen today for the Hel of it (and it’s better sounding than the USB DAC it comes with). If I understand soundstage correctly, these actually have decent soundstage for closed back headphones. They sound good and are great for gaming, but music seems better (more full and natural) on the 9500’s. But these things are SO DAMN comfortable! BoomPro mic sounds way better than the built in one. But the comfort…these things are like a puffy cloud on your head and ears, I don’t know how they did it.


These were honestly my biggest disappointment. Found them on sale for $90 before Christmas. Bought them. The clamp force - if my head was a very small watermelon, it would asplode. I haven’t had enough time to put them on a box to loosen them because my youngest keeps stealing them to use on the PS4. These things have the least bass of any headphones I own or have owned and the earpiece is just tiny. I have small ears and my ears don’t fit correctly inside them. The microphone quality is not good compared to BoomPro, not even close, but it’s neat that the mic flips up to mute. However, if you only game with these, have an even smaller head and ears than me, and don’t care about the mic quality, these seem to have very good imaging, mids, and highs, which you want for gaming. There just wasn’t nearly enough low end in these for music. I just can’t seem to get comfortable in them…I really wanted to be impressed with my first Sennheiser experience. I’d love to try the HD58x or HD 600’s, but I don’t want to be that guy that returns everything. I’ve already returned the X2HR’s.

Ultimately, if I had to pick three headphones out of this list (for gaming) my top picks are:

  1. SHP 9500 w/BoomPro
  2. KPH30i (with or without the mod, honestly, they sound amazing for the price and they are comfy)
  3. MH752 (or MH751, same thing, I tested without the USB DAC that it comes with).

If anyone has any suggestions on how I can like the PC37x’s based on the equipment I have listed at the top, I’d love to hear it. Otherwise, I’m looking for an upgrade to the SHP 9500’s, based on the soundstage, the “full” natural sound they have, and comfort. They’re so good at “all-around” performance. I’m curious if the Sundara’s might be in a similar sound “profile”?