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Hi all,
as I was looking for a pair of headphones that may be used for my everyday working activities (with many, many hours of phone calls) but also decent sounding for relax-time, I found the Sennheiser products that could be good.
Problem is I’m getting lost with their huge product portfolio and naming convention.
Does anybody know how the 4.xy product line (e.g. 4.30 or 4.40 or 4.50) compares soundwise to the 4xy one (e.g. 400s, 450, …)?
Thank you very much.

Well, the important questions are first, what is your budget, and what kind of sound are looking for? I see that comfort is already a top priority.

Yeah, you’re right. I mentioned models that are all in the <150€ range now (actually much more expensive when they were released), and that’s the budget I set.
I basically want to get rid of my AirPods (too many hours with in-ears is unbearable for me) but still have something decent sound when I’m done with calls.
As for sound, something than can be fun (more dynamic and extended towards low frequencies than my vintage Stax) and enjoyable for blues, jazz, vocals as well.
…of course, all related to the specific pricepoint, no miracles expected.

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So do these have to be regular headphones? Wired vs bluetooth? Closed back or open?

if you can stretch your budget a bit…should they fit your needs, consider the Drop HD58x or HD6xx, as well.

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I was going to suggest that but wanted to know the above preferences first.

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I guess BT is needed for the phonecalls, but they would go wired to my amp for music listening. I think I mostly saw closed backs in that price range.

Do they have a mike?
Not sure about Drop shipping to Europe though (…timing, customs, taxes, etc.) that’s why I was looking into Amazon as primary source.
And no, sctratching budget a little bit moves me into a different price-range where (i) primary use case would be music instead of work, and (ii) because of that I would then stretch it a little further and go listen to the various alternatives (brands, dynamic, planarmagnetic, …) before I buy something to permanently sit in my living room next to the Stax combo.

you probably would need Bluetooth headphones as I realize the mechanics of jumping from phone to music sources would be complicated.

it honestly may just be best to get a headset for your phone duties and swap out for headphones when you’re not on the phone.

@paralord May I ask what amp you have?

Currently SRM-3 with Stax Lambda Nova Classic.
The headphones I was asking for would be used through PC in the Office or through my Linn preamp headphone out when working from home.

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Okay, gotcha.
Is a microphone a necessary requirement or do you have an option for a separate microphone?

I would say it’s necessary given the primary use case for this new set. That’s why I landed to Sennheiser webpage given local (EU) availability: additional US “budget-but-good” options would become same-as or even more expensive than Sennheisers.

Meanwhile I have given a look at some youtube videos re Sennheiser 4.xx and 4yy.
Given the dates, would it be correct to say that 4yy series is “just” the newer 4.xx that is already 3+ years old?
If that is the case it would be interesting to know if there a difference in sound quality or drivers or if it’s just a difference in features (e.g. BT version, BT codecs, etc.)

So here is an option.
The Cooler Master MH751 is a very good budget option. Better than the low budget Sennheisers you are looking at, and it also has a decent microphone for it. They are also one of the most comfortable headphones out there. You can get either the MH751 version that just has a regular headphone jack connection, or get the MH752 which has a USB audio plus a little DAC that is okay that has an app for PC I believe where you can use EQ features on the headphones. These will have a warm-ish sound while having fairly good imaging and good bass as well. Pretty enjoyable set, plus the microphone is what you would be looking for I think.

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I agree with Soren.

FWIW, if you’re using a VoIP service on your computer for calls, something like the G4ME One or PC37x might be a good option. I personally spend about 6+ hours a day in Zoom meetings, using the G4ME One, and while I have better headphones, they are perfectly serviceable for music. I believe they are based on the 598 range and seem pretty close to my 58x head to head using the same source.

Only problem with those is they are quite large and a bit clunky compared to the Cooler Master, and tbh they look a bit wonky to have in an office or something. If that is a consideration.

Thanks guys, I will give both options a look, I don’t know neither the CM nor the G4ME. I understand you consider both better than the Sennheise 4.xx or 4yy soundwise.

I don’t have direct experience with the 4.xx/4yy models, but I’d say the mic quality is better on either CM or G4ME One, and both have very good sound quality for the price. The exchange is Bluetooth.

I just am saying the Cooler Master over the PC37x because the mic on the the PC37x is non-detachable, and the headphones are kind of heavy and open-back, so they would leak the sound out to other people around you and they would hear music playing and might be bothered by it.
The Cooler Master MH751/MH752 on the other hand or light and portable, comfy, and closed back, so no sound leakage. Also the mic on them is detachable, and that’s a really nice feature in my opinion.

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