Separates with HDMI?

I am fairly new with home theater setups, so maybe this is a naive question or it doesn’t really exist yet.

My current setup is a Samsung TV plugged into AVR (Onkyo 686) and into RP-280FA. I am running a 5.1.2 setup. My listening ratio is 60% TV/movies, 30% gaming, and 10% music. This means I want to keep 4k and Atmos sound, requiring me to keep HDMI.

I wanted to get my speakers to sound a bit warmer. The solutions seem to range from getting a warmer amp or something like the Schiit Loki, but have no idea how to connect them or even it is possible.

Any advice? I want to stay under $500 for a fix. Thanks!

Your receiver should have eq and bass boost options, along with dsp correction, so have you messed with those?

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Thanks for the reply. I have used AccuEQ (not ecstatic with it) and have moved the top 4 high frequencies down by 1 dB. Both AccuEQ and this Preset 1 remains grayed out though, so I am unsure if anything is even happening.

You might have to look and see how to use these features in your receiver, as I have not used this specific unit, because if you want a bit more warmth, you really don’t need to change your amp