Serious Competitive Player

What is the best option for competitive games like Apex Legends and other FPS? I have the astro a40 with the mix amp pro gen 4. I also have the audio technica adg1x. I am looking to improve my set up. I have a sound blasterx g6 dac / amp. Any recommendation between 500 and 700 dlls? Thank you

Hmmm does it need a mic, and this is for PC correct?

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In my opinion, if you were taking it as seriously as possible, you would use the exact same equipment that the LAN organisers use.
I assume that if you were a serious player you would be going to Lan events, those events give you equipment and tell you what you can and cannot use. Find a list or email event organisers, then buy the same equipment they use so that when you do go to LAN, you will have an advantage because you are already used to all the equipment.

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I actually would recommend upgrading your amp and possibly getting a DAC too, along with a Beyerdynamic DT880 600 ohm.
Another possiblity would be the Beyerdynamic DT1990. Both are some of the best competitive gaming headphones but I think they both need a lot of power.

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No, the microphone is not necessary. Yes, mainly for pc. Any recommendation? Thank you!

Hmmm, well with what you already have, I would say going for something like a dt1990 with an asgard 3 (or magni heresy if it’s too expensive), with a dac like a topping d10 or smsl m100 would be my pick. IMO that offers great bang for the buck for competitive gaming, with very good imaging and very good spatial recreation for the price and a neutral bright signature that sounds fairly up your alley imo if you are going for serious comp gaming.

I’ve been following this seller on His prices were too good to be true, even for B-Stock and refurbished. I even went so far as filing a complaint with Reverb, but he’s still there (not sure if someone from Reverb reached out to vet him properly) and he has feedback (they had none at the time of my complaint).

$670 for this bad boy. Buy at your own risk though. I have purchased multiple things on Reverb, just not from this particular seller.

IMO for actual competitive gaming I think the audeze line falls short. The gx and other audeze have noticeable gaps in their imaging performance, and have a 3 blob imaging and staging which isn’t ideal for competitive. IMO I personally also prefer the lcd 2 vs the gx as imo the lcd 2 is higher preforming but I honestly wouldn’t rec either for someone looking for comp gaming performance. But for more casual they are pretty great


Always killing the mood. That’s another thing off of my list.

Actually, it wasn’t on my list, I just want someone else to buy it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean now that they sell the mic cable separately, you could slap it on a lcd 2 fazor or lcd x and have a better performer imo. I think it also works with zmf as well (or anything with mini xlr unless it’s wired out of the norm)