Setting Up a Magni 3 with no DAC

Hello, I’m completely new to a lot of high end audio. I want to use my PC as a source for my Magni 3, but I don’t have any way to actually connect it since I have no RCA ports on my PC. What should I do?

So you would need to get a 3.5mm stereo to rca cable which can be had for pretty cheap

Here is a good one that’s pretty high quality. You will want to connect this to the line out port of your motherboard if you are using a desktop. You can check the manual of your motherboard to see which out is the line out. If you have a laptop you would connect it to the headphone out but this isn’t as ideal

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Alright. I’ve already got Line Out labeled, and I’ll go see if a store near me has any. Thanks a ton!

Perfect, any 3.5mm stereo cable to rca audio should work just fine :+1:

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