Setting up audio for my Nintendo Switch

Hey everyone!

I got myself a Switch a year ago, but due to the constant annoyance of having to plug things in and out and having to fiddle with cables constantly, I haven’t played nearly as much on it as I wish to have. I want to change that but I feel stuck with this problem. (I want to note that I use my switch almost exclusively docked.)

I aim to have the sound from my Switch through my RME ADI 2 into my headphones. In the past, I used the jack on top of the switch with the cable going straight to my headphones, but ever since I bought new ones this can’t really be achieved plus it was really uncomfortable.

The problem is that my DAC only has RCA outputs and plugging it in via USB doesn’t work either (unlike with my father’s Ifi Zen…). I thought of getting either a capture card or an HDMI audio splitter but I don’t think either will solve my problem completely, especially the latter option.

Does anyone know a way I can make this happen?

it has analog inputs and optical.

i use this with my ps5 with the optical out. works perfectly.

Thank you, not seeing the optical was an oversight from me. I’ll look into this!

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