Setting up home theatre/living room setup

Hi guys,

So I recently moved into a new place and I finally have the freedom to set up a good surround sound system, but I will need your help.

What I have:
I have a high end PC ,a projector ViewSonic LightStream PJD7828HD and I am planning to buy Wharfedale DX-2 5.1 Speaker System to go with Sony STRDN1080.CEK 7.2 CH 4K UHD AV Receiver. Currently the PC is connected directly to the projector(using built in speakers) via a super long 15meter(i think) hdmi cable, because the pc is in a different room than the projector its really messy and I need to figure out a better solution.

What I want:
Watch movies from my PC to the projector ,wirelessly while outputting Dolby Atmos to the speakers.

I looked at amazon fire stick and was thinking maybe I can plug it in the projector, install Plex on it and stream from my plex server on the PC…but its costly at 50$ and I am not sure if it is even going to work and push atmos too?

More Ideas:
Is Atmos even worth it? I can find a used receiver that costs 50$ without atmos but still 7.1 yet this new one is 430$.

Side note: what are some good and cheap atmos speakers? pointing up,i cant mount on ceiling.

Many Thanks.

Welcome aboard ! Why cant you mount atmos speakers and how big is your room? Atmos is worth it if you mount overhead speakers or high on the walls. Not a fan of the upfiring. .2 will do .4 is a must and .6 endgame.
I dont know of a solution with the HDMI other than running fiber optic to solve the drop in signal from a long run of HDMI or get a bluray player with USB port , appleTV 4K streams atmos through PCM but its not the optimal method for atmos.

Thanks for reply.
The room is 2.6m x 3.6m, the projector is on the 2.6m side. Gets me approx 100inch screen size,which is what my screen is. I want to avoid making holes in the ceiling for 2 reasons, its really thin, not sure how well its gonna handle the weight of a speaker, and its a rented place, the less holes the better.

I hate every apple product with passion so no.

I checked some of my movie library and to be honest, dolby atmos seems like 4K TVs when they came out. A lot of hype but pretty much 1 in 1000 movies that supports dolby atmos. Only games supported 4K and I wonder if AAA games today support atmos too? though for that I will definately need the hdmi cable :slight_smile:

Probably resolution being 1080p?
Could go for a good quality HDMI transmitter / receiver.
That’s not big issue to go wireless with image.

But for future and with 4K image and wireless, you might face the issue of delay. At least few i know has transfer delay in 0.3-0-5sec so, AV receiver might not able be to adjust audio delay enough. Plus some receivers cannot use Atmos / upper surround if sound is delayed.

Other option could be to change the HDMI cable between projector - receiver to network based data traffic. Pretty easy to hide a thin network cable than bigger HDMI cable.
Not wireless of course but option but 4K material, delays are smaller and more reliable solution.

Settings the speakers in Atmos locations is more a challenge.
One reason why i aimed to Auro3D, speaker location are easier to set-up imo.

Yea, most movies are 1080p with DDP5.1 or DTS:HD Master Audio,but lets just say for future proofing, I go for dolby atmos route wth a receiver that supports it.
The projector will be close to the receiver so cable there is not an issue. The issue is with the cable between the PC and the projector(which is going to be plugged in the receiver after).

So the question is how to get 4k picture from pc to projector wirelessly while still have atmos play through the speakers. Looking at all available options. Has anyone tried the firestick route or Roku,since both audio and video will be streamed together ,the delay will affect both(hence no visible delay) right?

Another option would be to buy a dedicated HTPC ,but what is the minimum GPU i’d need for dolby atmos?

Some atmos is better then no atmos. You can get by with a 5.1.2 setup. If available get micca covo-s and some security camera mounts 1/4 20 thread (go amazon renewed if you have to with speaker and mount). the miccas weigh nothing you can use a single screw for the mount to the wall. mount them as high on the wall as you can, get them up there close to the corner where the sidewall meets the ceiling. Make sure you mount the speaker inline or little forward with each ear at the listening position.

Out of all the surround formats atmos is on way more movies when it comes to overhead effects.

This will work. I have a similar setup. The Sony receiver you plan on getting has hdmi ports in the back. You plug the firestick into the back of the receiver. Then hdmi out from receiver to projector for video. I use VLC on the firestick to see my movies stored on my pc (Plex should be similar). The receiver will decode whatever audio you feed it.

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Can you get trueHD going this route ?