Setup Optimization/Refinement Request

I think I have finally gotten this to the most optimized/refined point (may add bs5p’s with port plugs and kabeldirekt rca’s, with a bic f12, is it worth it? I think it may be) but I would like the community to weigh in.
the sub is overkill for normal music but not all my music is normal :>

1st Gen Sound Setup - PCPartPicker

alt version with upgraded bits from above parentheses (costs more, worth it?)

1st Gen Sound Setup - Alt - PCPartPicker

When it comes to subs buy the biggest most powerful you can afford. It’s super easy to turn them down but turning them up is where people usually run into issues.
For example my last home theater sub was a Stereo Integrity HT18. It would get rowdy when I wanted it to be and would also play very delicate when I needed it too.

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