Setup Synergy Check?

Anyone think there will be synergy issues with this setup?;

2nd Gen Sound Setup Base - PCPartPicker

2nd Gen Sound Setup Upgrade 1 - General Upgrades - PCPartPicker

-incoming questions about why I chose literally any of this

Rythmik makes great subs, but it seems a little overkill for your setup imo. Could put some of that money towards better speakers. Hats off for using pcpp as an audio build list lol

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Both builds are a bit let’s say unbalanced :stuck_out_tongue:
A 600$ sub with 100$ speakers or a 1000 DSP with 200$ isn’t the best way to invest your money imo
Better get some 500$ speakers and later a sub around that price point for example


running cheap speakers to get sound going is a good idea. Solid foundation.

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@Wesley @DuerumBen The sub was chosen for car audio bass songs, stuff that can really get deep below 20hz and beat the hell out of the sub (overkill for normal music), both sets of speakers are actually very good for their price point and use case (near field), with the paradigms being exceptional (refer to zeos and other online reviews). This will not be my first entrance into audio, refer to this setup as my first much better “balanced” setup;

1st Gen Sound Setup - PCPartPicker

I can always later upgrade the speakers further if I find better near fields that fit my aesthetic taste, once I can actually hear the problems with the paradigms.

-The more I think about it, the more I realize I may be able to leverage speakers further away because I plan on having dedicated listening room even tho I will be listening at a desk. Would a computer monitor completely ruin the sound tho?

-Just came up with this;

2nd Gen Sound Setup Upgrade 4 - Speaker/Amp/DAC Overhaul - PCPartPicker

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Not sure but a 50in monitor makes music more enjoyable navigating tracks on the sofa at the listening position.

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I’d def just use a tv but I listen to music at my gaming setup :<

Long you can see from the listening postion good to go or run a second monitor to the money seat ?

You have to rephrase

envisioning youre going to use your desktop gaming setup in a dual purpose situation? The speakers are on the desk but you got room behind so youre going to roll the seat back to the listening position or you have a secondary listening chair/couch in the room ?

New idea: speakers go on stands behind desk (there is a big space behind desk), and I have the monitor on a sit/stand station, when I want to listen to music out of the speakers when not gaming (if gaming, sound quality doesn’t matter because I will hear it through bluetooth outside of open back headphone used for the actual gaming) I will lower the monitor and use the tv for computing purposes (tv mounted on wall beside/behind speakers) That way I avoid the problem altogether

Was going to suggest stands and a secondary monitor on the wall. Thats the move. :+1:

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