Shanling M3X - Left/Right balance not working

Can @nymz @TkSilver or anyone who has the M3X check that changing the left/right balance in audio settings works when using the 4.4mm balanced out? I’m wondering if it is not working on mine because I’m using a DDhifi 2.5mm>4.4mm adapter. Hopefully that’s it and I need to order some 4.4mm termination cables, otherwise next step could be changing the firmware (I’m on 1.5). Hoping it’s not an issue with the DAP itself :crossed_fingers: .

Thanks :+1:

Zero problems on any volume or output, bro.

Ok, thanks man. Yeah, everything else works fine I just have a slight hearing issue in my right ear so like to adjsut the balance slightly to that side. But even cranking it right up to 10 doesn’t change the balance at all. Hmm, I guess I need to order another cable at least to rule it’s because of the adapter :thinking: .

Wait, I think I misunderstood you question. You want me to test if I can change L/R volume, is that it?

Ah, ok. Yes if you could look under Audio Settings > Balance and see if changing the balance to the left or right actually does anything :+1: .

It does, but it’s strange. Also I had to reboot for it to take effect. Try it

Ok. Tried rebooting in both Prime mode and Android mode but no joy, doesn’t change at all.

try with a 3.5mm cable, dont you have one?

Good idea, will try with the orig Mele cable.

That’s interesting - changing the balance works fine with the 3.5mm output. So must be something with the adapter confusing the signal path for this somehow. Ah well - next test is to get another cable ordered with a 4.4mm termination from XINHS (good excuse lol).

Thanks for your help bro :love_you_gesture:

No problem.

Any excuse to get new cables is a good excuse :stuck_out_tongue:

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