Shanling UA5 - sound and OLED display issues

I just received a Shanling UA5 as a birthday gift, and upon starting it up, I noticed that the very outer edges of the OLED screen are brighter than the rest of the display. Upon scrolling through some of the sub menus I also noticed that the main menu text seems as if it’s peeking through the sub menu graphics, like a subtle ghosted image. This leads me to believe that my display has OLED burn-in.

The second thing - I originally couldn’t get the UA5 to produce any sound, and after some tinkering I noticed that I have to plug the USB-C into the audio source device first, and only once the UA5 powers on, am I able to plug in my IEM’s. Only then do I hear the sound, and I have to do this every time the UA5 powers down. This is something that I reproduced on two Android phones, an Android DAP, and my Windows 10 PC.

Does anyone have experience with this DAC, and is this normal behavior? To me it currently seems like I have a rather defective unit. As a side note, it was purchased from the Shanling store on AliExpress.

Thanks in advance for any help.