Shanling UP4 Reviewed from Z review!

Anyone tried these?

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Latest Shanling UP4 Review from Z review!

I ordered this over the BTR5, just arrived and got it paired. Sounds great on my Blon BL-03s balanced, plugged it into a wall USB to charge and it turned off BT…dunno if I’m doing something wrong or it can’t charge and play at the same time.

I’ll wait until it’s fully charged and play around with it more, but this would be a bit of a deal breaker. Hoping there’s just a mode enabled by default I can mess with in the app.

So plugging into power to charge turns off the unit, takes 3 seconds to power on and I wasn’t holding it long enough before.

This gets my Hd6xx to hurtful volume levels on 3.5mm boost mode, but much narrower sound stage as compared to the desktop setup. Works great with my Blons, nice to have the option to walk around or view video on my phone with the cable still running to my pocket.

I’m looking to pick this up for watching movies on my couch. Do you think there’s significant delay?

I haven’t noticed any issues but haven’t used from my TV. My phone has BT 5.0 and seems fine.

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