Share music you've worked on

I know a few of us make music. I thought it would be cool to share what we’ve done.

This is the first track I’ve mixed and mastered that is available on streaming services. Here’s Spotify, also on Amazon HD 24/48


That’s very cool! I like the lead’s voice and the guitars and keyboards are great.

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Thanks! It was a lot of fun to do. I tracked drums and horns, and they sent the rest. I talked to the drummer recently and he said there might be more to record soon.

I live by the beach in NJ, and the majority of music acts cater to the seasonal crowds by performing covers with really good financial returns as a result. A lot of the rest cover Springsteen for the locals, also to their financial interest. I’m always happy to hear a band doing original material and I’ll go out of my way to see them play on an off night from the crowds, but it’s a struggle for most of them

Well, uh, that’s me. I’m not just talking about my home studio, I use it sometimes. :stuck_out_tongue:

3 CDs of electronic music, no lyrics.
I also have enough unreleased stuff for a fourth album.

The irony is… I always wanted to sing, I write lyrics (in french, sorry!) since like 2000, I got guitar amps, pedals, mikes… but no place to sing. But maybe this month I can finally start singing and screaming. :stuck_out_tongue:


This sounds great! Nice job!

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Cool stuff! You’ve got another follower on Amazon HD

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A band I’m in released a full length in October on Chillwavve records:

Emo / Midwest Emo / Someone called it sparkle grunge as well, I don’t know, kids are silly.


Thanks! :slight_smile:

Amazon HD yeah hmm, I got so much new “audiophile” stuff recently, my music will get more “HD” too, hah. I mean, it’s electronic music so, obviously you won’t hear someone in the background or whatever, but still.

Totally Emo. Reminds me of some bands I listen to, Weathered and Mewithoutyou

Guitar tones are really nice. What are you using? I’m going to guess Marshall JCM800

Thanks!! In the studio we used a bunch of different boutique amps and pedals. But with my live rig I use two amps; A Carvin VM100 and a Carvin X100B. The JCM800 guess was very nice to see =D

Carvin used to make some great stuff; I wish they were still making amps and guitars. I’ve got the Legacy 412 cab. Been to their factory several times for pro audio stuff, but I think they’re only making Kiesel guitars there now.

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Man, jealous you got to go to their factory. I was very sad to see them close up shop. Hoping I can scoop up another old X100B and Valvemaster in the future.

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