Share Some Music Documentaries With Us

Starting a thread of music documentaries worth watching, the ideal popped into my head after seeing the Sparks documentary that will be out this year.

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Been entertained by a good few:

I wasn’t a Bee Gees fan when they were active but I met Maurice Gibb in his later years (he was an avid paintballer when I was playing)

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I love documentaries, not just music oriented, but here are a few great ones :

Sound City

It might get loud

Lemmy (full movie)

All things must pass

Other music


There are a number of Woodstock documentaries.

You have the original one from 1970, and you also have the new one from 2019 (Woodstock: Three Days That Defined a Generation)

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Tagged a couple of these to watch.

(not to be confused with the Jack Black film)

Sort of a documentary…

Jimi hendrix docs rented from blockbuster and steely dan. That should fry the noodle. O and searching for sugar man.

This is the Steely Dan one, I’ve watched this multiple times.


Beck, Clapton , Gilmore, Page, Slash

Great Doc

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If you like freestyle…