Share your personal Headphones & IEMs Tier List

So here it is, my own personal Headphones/IEMs Tier List. The following headphones and iems that are shown on this tier list I made are the ones that I currently own or used to own at some point.

The Sentimental tier is basically the headphones/IEMs that got you into this hobby or headphones that were very special to you since you first got them.

I made this because I got bored and I felt free to share my own list based on the sounds that I have heard from them. Also keep that in mind that this tier list is all about the sounds that I have heard, and does not overall dictates that the sounds of these are that sound. Some might sound good to me, while for you it might be shit for we have our own sound signature preference at the end of the day. Feel free to share, just want to know your list as well.


So i have bit of a long list so tried to condense it here bc i was bored today
Green and *******= God tier either over all or for the price range. These are ones I either have currently or kept for a long time
Green= great
Yellow= ok but would look for anything green in that price range
Red= either bad or did not leave an impression on me


Oh, I am seeing the Starfields there as God tier and I agree with you for that for I also love my Starfields especially after the beautification that I have given it by replacing it’s cable with a better one but also blue in color.

Also it’s quite interesting to see the M60x there as bad for I have heard some decent things about it, perhaps sounds are really subjective to some people after all, and that what makes hi-fi unique.

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starfields were good but pretty boring for me. id rather go P1 in that area as the P1 can be easily eq’d to a nice warm sound (but needs power to do it). m60x just sounded too tinny for me and did not like them at all. its def all subjective. best you can do is find reviewers that seem to share a similar sound and try what they like. i like most of the stuff zeos suggests but theres some im like ehhhh not so much lol.

Yeah the P1s are good but at that time, the Starfields were a gift so I was basically happy with it and to this day I still am. With the P2 coming out and will be much more expensive than the P1s, then I guess that will be the right time for me to get the P1s a try but for now, I need a new set of headphones for my headphones are only four at the moment, and my collection of it is lagging behind.

for iems…i have the unique melody mest…super expensive but i dont need any other than that. im working on narrowing down my headphones to just 1 for desk use, 1 for gaming, 1 iem. i could possibly just keep the mest and sell everything else. tough decisions but i have too many right now i need to start making some money back

I see, well when it comes to using my audio it just basically depends on my mood. There are days that I wll mostly use my IEMs, and then days that I will mostly use my headphones. But if I am going for a commute or for a trip, I would bring my IEMs for portability, while I use my headphones only inside of my home or a location that I won’t be staying for a long time. Also my country is not exactly the place where you can just show your headphones publicly, for there are people out there that will steal it, for they know it’s spicy to the eyes.

oh i completely understand. i honestly wouldnt even wear but maybe 1 side of an iem and they would be like my blon 03 that are easily replaceable. people get crazy and im too paranoid to block all of my hearing in public

It’s pretty great to have fulfilled your iem audio quest :+1: for me it’s the Z1R’s but may well see where the Bone conductor tech ends up in a year or two…but in the mean time I’m :eyes: at sources lol.

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i have no idea if the bone conduction is doing anything for me, the only other bone conduction headphones ive had were these garbage things that sit in front of your ear and they were terrible so i was skeptic

When I first bought these, the SE215s were very high up from my list but once the T2s came out and the other IEMs that I own right now so far, they pretty much gone downhill but I am not saying they are bad for they are pretty solid for noise isolation though they are a bit dark sounding for my taste.

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its hard to go back once youve heard better for sure but theres def a place for stuff that just works for particular things you need them for. i still have my 1more stylish bluetooth earbuds bc they sound good right out of the box, long charge time and sometimes i just need something that will go right in my pocket and easy to put in and take out

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