Share your personal Headphones & IEMs Tier List

So here it is, my own personal Headphones/IEMs Tier List. The following headphones and iems that are shown on this tier list I made are the ones that I currently own or used to own at some point.

The Sentimental tier is basically the headphones/IEMs that got you into this hobby or headphones that were very special to you since you first got them.

I made this because I got bored and I felt free to share my own list based on the sounds that I have heard from them. Also keep that in mind that this tier list is all about the sounds that I have heard, and does not overall dictates that the sounds of these are that sound. Some might sound good to me, while for you it might be shit for we have our own sound signature preference at the end of the day. Feel free to share, just want to know your list as well.