Shared Cable Extension

Hey all.

In an effort to minimize desk spaghetti I’m planning to build a cable system that will be shared with all of my headphones. The main section into my amp will stay plugged in (xlr) and be routed under my desk. Then I’ll build shorter individual cables for each headphone with a common termination (maybe 4.4 balanced) around where the normal split would be to plug into the main length under the desk.

I’m sure Zeos had a similar system at some point, but I’m struggling to find which video he showcased it in. Any ideas?

I’m pretty new to soldering, but have made a few cables now. I was thinking 4.4mm for the commonized connection to give myself a little more space to work with over 2.5, but want to keep everything balanced.

If anyone has suggestions or if you might approach this differently I’d love to hear your opinions before I get started.


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I think that was a patch bay

Sweet setup. I also have the L50s as my desktop speakers. I know you are looking to do the wiring yourself, but maybe check out what @Brux at Hart Audio Cables is doing with his interconnects. Seems like a good system to me, and I like the 4.4 cable I got from them for my Clears

Oh, ya I had seen Brux’s cables before…really nice stuff. The mini xlr might be the better way to go for the split. I liked working with those for the LCD cable I made.

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