Shelf, Sideboard, Box: What is your solution to storage your collection?

Hi there,

i would like to buy new furniture fot my room.
I am planning to buy some kind of furniture for storage about 6-8 over ear headphones. I would like to buy some kind of shelf or sideboard and need some ideas.

How do you guys storage your headphone collection?

Would be thankful for some inspiration via pics or links.
I would like to have some kind of sideboard with a front of glass, so that there wouldn’t be so much dust on the headphones (especially on the open backs like the sundara). Or do you recommend a better solution for the dust problem?

Also do you prefer some kind of headphone stands, storage boxes or a pole, hook or hanging solution?

Headphone wall!

Just realized this like doubled in price since I bought a dozen for myself.

I have a bunch of clamp hangers along the side of my desk atm planning on doing a shelf with yoga blocks at some point

and a watch case for IEM’s

Sundara’s have foam blocking dust from getting in so it shouldn’t matter too much besides not needing to clean them as often

Right now my idea would be:
Two shelves one above the other, maybe with indirect lightning. I would place 3-4 acryl boxes (with a headphone stand within each box) on each shelf. Something like this maybe:

Präsentationsbox 15cm x 15cm x 15cm groß mit Boden/Deckel Deko Acryl-Würfel Plexiglas, 5 transparente Seiten farblos Wasserdicht von HOKU

Personally i use a pegboard with the hangers that @Pokrog recommended (didn’t want to drill 20 holes into the wall)


Mine outgrew my initial plan and now I have two tables/cabinents:
I have a cupboard to keep the headphones inside. My apartment is crazy dusty, I think because we are close to a highway.

Then the components outgrew that so my gear is on the other side of the lazy boy on this:

Nice headphone collection there👍 The pegboard idea with the mounts looks also good. But i am still concered about too much duat on the outside of the (sundara) cups.

Still thinking about the shelves with the acryl boxes. Something like this, but with deeper shelves

Nothing says you can’t do both :slight_smile:
If you are worried, just buy one see if works (though I don’t think that Sundara are that sensitive), its 12$ so no harm

Pegboards are just a good use of space, if i had to use shelves it would be a lot more

I’ve got too many headphones and I don’t necessarily want to display them all. I’ve got a couple hooks that hang off of my entertainment center for quick access of my favorite cans. Then, I’ve got a dresser drawer (fairly deep and wide) padded with acoustic foam to store the rest. IEMs, I’ve got a nice portable watch case that has 12 slots (got it somewhere on Amazon) and pockets to slide in my DAP and/or additional DAC/amps.

I live in a pretty tight space with my wife so stowing and portability is the name of the game.

I bought 4 show cases with glass doors and i added some hooks and rgb lighting to them. Works pretty fine.

Now i just have to buy more headphones to fill the empty space😅


If you are going the rgb route i might suggest getting ones that are diffued, looks a lot nicer, something like this, its a bit pricey though

also if you want something for the outside of the case this could work too

Cool, i’ll check this out