Short Cables for Tin T2

Any recommendation for short cables for Tin T2 (preferably black :slight_smile: )
any amazon links would be appreciated

Depends on what you consider short. I really like this style, which comes in at just about 47 inches:
Comfy and durable over about a year’s worth of use, with no earhook moldings or memory wires.

Just wanna hock them up to my FiiO BTR3 with as little slack as possible to get them close to a wireless IEM status :smile:

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I wrap the IEM cables 1 time loose around my neck and clip Earstudio ES 100 and Fiio BTR3 at the cable above the split is (the first 3cm of single left and right).
Works even better with the T3s thick cable, but also ok with my T2 Pros cable.

a friend has modded his DT770s for 3,5 female connection instead of the cable and connects his ES100 directly without cable only with an fixed adapter - looks funny but works good

so I undestand your idea and would also be interested in a shorter MMCX cable

With DT770s i would assume its easier since you have a headband so you can clip it on to it (might look kinda wierd but should work). With IEMs its a bit more tricky :slight_smile:
Anyway the idea of a wearing it around the neck isnt half bad maybe i can improve it slightly maybe having it sit on you shirt lapel and maybe zip tieing the rest of the cable slack.

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Also in that case when you need to take them out you can let them sit on the back of your neck

yes I do it all of the time - often only the right one in the ear and the left one is secured this way

BTW you should try also adding a winged tip, i took a pair of my old Jaybird X

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I mean if you get a really hq cable like that it looks like a chain so I can give props to that! For mine I tuck excess cable in my shirt and clip the es100 to my collar.

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Some say the T3’s cable is the best on the T3 experiance
I have a Fiio balanced MMCX cable which is quite stabile. With it it works even better.

Sorry, I know this is about 6 months late…

I bought this for the same reason you described.