Shot in the Dark - That one Review

Hey all, I’ve been watching Zeos for a long time - and that’s put me in a weird spot.

I remember vaguely years ago Zeos having a review where he was speaking about the Deep Bass of a item for review (specifically Yosi Horikawa’s VAPOR). I’ve been trying to find the thing but I’m coming up blank.

Anyone happen to know what I’m talking about, or am I going mad?

Let’s try to summon @ZeosPantera and ask. He’s busy, but stops by now n then.

Well, I found this, released about 9 years ago. But it’s music, not gear


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Thanks for the help you two! Was in a mood for vintage Zeos and there is just something about him ranting about the stuff he really enjoys :ok_hand:

If anything, I have an excuse now to go back and re listen to the classics while I work

It’s the album that raptor posted. Yosi makes some amazing spatial music for testing soundstage and imagine.