Should I buy a Smyth Realizer A8?

There is currently a listing on ebay for both a smyth Realizer a16 and a8. The one for a 16 is probably going to go for over €2000, so its a bit to rich for my blood, but the a8 is in a price range that has me curious. I know what this device does, but i have no idea how it works. It would be massively appreciated if anyone that has some experience or knowledge of these devices could tell me if they will work with my intended application. I don’t have a receiver, so I could only use it through the hdmi in. Will the a8 “do its magic” if it’s plugged in directly from my computer or tv via hdmi? Can the a8 work with standard stereo recordings or does it need to be mixed in a surround sound format before it can be synthesized? Does it work with next generation consoles? It would be very helpful if someone could clarify those things as all articles of this product dont clarify these things.