Should i buy DT990 Pro to DT 1990 Pro?

Should i buy DT990 Pro or DT 1990 Pro for gaming and music ?
it’s that worth for change DT990 Pro to DT 1990 Pro ?

If you go the DT990 route, try them first. They were quite sibilant to me so it is not a great choice if you are treble sensitive.

I think if you have the funds, the 1990 is a much better headphone for both music and gaming. I think if you wanted to consider a 990 perhaps consider the dt880 600 ohm which I personally prefer for gaming and music over the 990


990 for gaming only? yes sure high recc my first choise imn my collection. for music? give it a listen first I love it for both but my ears and tastes are waaay different than everyone elses

I will add that 990s are stupidly comfortable though.

990 premiums yes , pro’s? not as much

I think that the 1990 is equally as comfortable as well with better build and a detachable cable too