Should I buy the Blon B20 or Audeze LCD2 C?

I want to buy my first planar. I can get them both under 400€.
Which Headphone are you like more?

also consider the Audeze LCD-1.

What do you listen to and what type of sound do you enjoy? And do you have an amp?

I have the Aune X1 and the SMSL SP200 THX. I already have the DT 1990 and the Neumann NDH20 and I very like both.

What do you like about those headphones, and what do you not like about them? Just trying to feel out what you would like sound wise

I like the neutral but not boring sound and the clear highs, there is nothing realy witch I don´t like about these.
Maybe I want a new pair with a little more bass and soundstage.

Hmmmm. I don’t think you would enjoy the blon that much then tbh. The LCD2 classic would have more bass and soundstage imo, but I wouldn’t say it’s neutral nor has that clear highs, as it’s more of a darker sound signature.

Out of the two, I think you would want to go for the lcd2 classic or consider some more potential options.

Thank you M0N :slight_smile:

I think I try the LCD2 C and when I don´t like them, then I sell them on ebay.

if you buy em on amazon you can return them instead

it seems like your tastes are on both ends of the spectrum. the dt11990’s and B20 are very bright headphones however the ndh 20s and the LCD2c are very dark headphones. If I didn’t know any better Id think you were trolling

The ndh20 isn’t dark I would say, but it does have a bit of a bass hump. But not really that much soundstage either, and the 2 classic has more soundstage and better impact so he might enjoy it, but it is a darker signature than he is used to. The 2 classic for 400 is pretty good price too

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the ndh20 is not dark!? :astonished: are you sure?

well I mean you did only listen for like 20 minutes lol. Its more warm with a bass hump, but I don’t find the treble recessed or lacking or anything imo

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lets agree to disagree

Ndh20 is definitely not dark… Warm and bassy? Yeah. Dark? No not at all.

NDH 20 definitely not dark. They can get a bit hot in the treble, if anything. You can call them Colored and V-shaped for sure (Just like the Sendy Aiva)… but definitely not dark. lol

I think they are more slightly U shaped a bit imo

Yeah, you are probably right about that.

The NDH 20 is not dark. Some may consider it dark compared to their preferences or dark compared to their collection of headphones, but by definition and frequency response, they are not at all dark. I’m sorry, but if something shares the same treble frequency response of the Beyerdynamic DT1990, calling them dark is laughable.

Maybe you are confusing timbre with frequency response terminology (such as dark)? Either way, it by definition is a gross mischaracterization to call them dark.

I think sometimes people get so comfortable with their own preferences and some of this ridiculous audiophile terminology, they misspeak.

Would like to know more about this part. So we should not use dark to describe the timbre?

I know there are no official rules for this(or there are?) but it’d be good if we all use the same words to avoid confusion