Should I buy the Liquid Carbon X?

It’s on sale for $160 on Drop and it’s seriously tempting looking. I know it’s generally considered a more colored amp than my atom and others like it, so I thought it might compliment my ZMF (and maybe give some warmth to my pc37x). Any thoughts are appreciated!

If you are using balanced then it’s actually pretty good for that price imo. Although perhaps a tube amp might be up your alley if you really want something more colored and interesting (like a tube + zmf is just great imo)

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I might jump on the dark voice when it’s on sale again, otherwise, I’d like to stick with the simple convenience of ss stuff right now. I haven’t quite decided on a balanced dac yet though.

I’m a bit of a fan of the cavalli tunings, though the Massdrop ones are a bit muted, still well worth the $160 IMO.

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I think cavalli does a good job of combining a fun sound without sacrificing more analytical aspects

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Personally, I think it would be really worthwhile to pick up a used massdrop eddie current if you can find them, or go for something like a bottlehead crack, as I think you would really notice the benefit with the zmf over the darkvoice

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I endorse this recommendation, easily the best $250 I’ve spent in the last 12 months.
Not a very wet sound, just damn nice to listen too.

I mean I just think for that price a good set amp is hard to find imo, but the eddie current nails it

Btw how are liking your verite so far? Gotten much more listening sessions in with it? I’ve been thinking about biting the bullet and getting an auteur as a compliment since it’s supposed to be the neutral offering, but the verite also gives me pause.

I don’t really want to buy used, but I hear so much about the eddie current, that I end up with it anyway at some point.

I really like it, although apparently it is tuned differently than the other zmf, as it was not as warm and thick as I was expecting lol. I really do enjoy it though.

Personally I think you should get a better amp for your current zmf headphone first before going for another pair (but that’s just me lol)

I can understand not really wanting to mess with used for sure. How much would you be willing to spend on an amp?

Honestly you shouldn’t worry about used.
Most of my stereo was used I paid 300 for my Melos preamp original price $1200, and $3000 for my Quicksilver monoblocks original price $8000.
My Eddie Current ZDT Jr was used off ebay $250 it was NIB never used, there are a few cheaper, last I looked.
The nice thing about used is if your careful you can usually sell for what you bought it or close.
I don’t really have another way to audition a lot of things for extended periods or A/B things, so I like to exploit the opportunity.

I can’t say I really have a budget, but since I want to get a balanced dac too, maybe $1000? But any recs among different or higher price points are welcome. Differences would just be how long I might hold off to get something, but would eventually get it so price doesn’t matter too much.

Also you might find this thread interesting but it might be above your budget (unless it isn’t)

Hmmmmm would that budget be including the dac as well? Or for just the amp, and if that’s the case, how much for the dac

I really like the Gungnir multibit I picked up, but I just haven’t had a chance to listen to a lot of DACs in that price range.
I still really need to hear it on my speaker system, but my initial impressions are very positive.

Well, I was looking at getting a D90 maybe, but for example, I could wait and get something from holo audio. So recs from multiple tiers or maybe a frank discussion on diminishing returns would be cool. I’m not really the type to want to be endlessly upgrading gear either.

I’m going to give my 2c on Topping, here, the stuff I’ve listened to is OK.
But at the price of the D90 I think you owe it to yourself to listen to other options and make a decision that isn’t driven by metrics.

Probably fair to say.

Assuming you want to go balanced here since you mentioned a balanced amp, so I think the TorAudio Balanced Amp might be something to consider imo. The LaFigaro 339 is also pretty sweet for a balanced tube amp for the price (although under 1k having balanced is hard to find and other stuff I would like to rec are not balanced)

Also personally I wouldn’t consider Holo Audio at this price range as I think they aren’t as good in the sub 1k range, and you really need to step up to the spring2 kte or something to get good value from them. I think waiting for an Ares II to go on sale or get in stock would be my pick for a good value R2R.

Also sorry for taking this from “hmm should I buy this great value $160 amp” to “hmm should I buy this 1k amp and 1k dac”

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