Should I get a used Onkyo DP-X1

There’s a guy offering me a used Onkyo DP-X1 for 200usd. I only get just the player with a leather case. Do you guys think I shld get it and if I do what should I look out for.
Any guidance and tips would be much appreciated :pray:.

Well, I would ask him to verify the battery life and benchmark how long the unit can play back music while powering it. Sometimes older units can have batteries on their last leg. Overall that’s a pretty decent price and as long as its in good condition, I don’t think it would be a bad purchase at all. There are other options if you want good sound quality on the go like a used fiio q5 or q5s, but those aren’t a full featured dap like the dp-x1 is

Is 3-4hrs of spotify and 3hr of hi res playback (offline) considered decent? It seems to be abit on the low side.

That is a bit low, especially for offline playback. What was the sample rate of those high Rez files? What was the volume set at? What was plugged into the headphone out? Since it’s an Android player you could probably optimize it, or just carry around a battery pack.

Great player for using at a work place if your job permits it. You can keep it plug into usb and never have to worry about battery life. This is how I use it! With 2 x micro sd card slots that can take 500gb cards you have 1TB of flac files at work or on the go.

I have tried to use it on the go but find its a little bulky and heavy, even after getting a proper case for it from japan which was expensive purchase just for a case but only one company makes decent cases for it (very niche).

For portable I still go to my pixel phone coupled with a radsone earstudio es100

Hey thanks for all the advice and all. I’ve decided to get the device anyways as the price is considered quite a steal in my region. The battery life lasts for around 4hr ish for normal offline listening which is considered quite acceptable given that it’s an old Android device with only 1600mAh. I definitely enjoyed my purchase ad i spent the whole day yesterday tinkering with it. It was quite an upgrade from my Fiio Q1 mk2 which ill just keep as a desktop dap for the time being until I get a proper stack amp dac. Despite being an old device the Android is still surprisingly snappy without and painfully long delays. The 2.5mm bal jack is however slightly tilted to one side due to frequent use but it isn’t loose thankfully.
Overall, I’m glad about the purchase. I plan to switch out the battery but we’ll see about that (maybe in the future whn the battery life is no longer acceptable). For now, I’m gonna spend alot of my time just playing around with it. And again thanks for all your advice.

Well that’s great then, hope you enjoy it

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