Should I trade / sell my Sony MDR-1A for DT770 250ohm?

Hi guys! I’m contemplating selling or trading my MDR-1A for some DT770 250ohm. I’ve been wanting to try out the Beyers but I can’t really justify having another closed back portable set at the moment. I like the Sonys pretty well for mobile use but now I’m using IEMs more on the go. The reason I’m looking at the Beyers is because I’ve heard good things and I now have a stack that can drive them (D10 / Liquid Spark). So in your opinion would it be worth a shot? Plus maybe being willing to pay a bit more for the trade, or take a small loss on selling?

Although they both are closed cans and technically serve the same purpose I’d say they are completely different headphones. MDR-1A is a relaxed boi that is Jack of all trades but master of none. It does ok in every aspect but not perfect in any single one yet they are stylish, clamp is not too tight and they are overly comfortable. 770 on the other hand is pretty bulky in comparison, attached cable, massive cups, speaking about sound though it’s going into v-shape territory. Since both are aren’t like $1000 or sth I’d say go with 770, give it a couple days, compare to 1A and then you’ll choose if they are different enough so you’ll leave both or too similar so you have to get rid of one of them.

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Yeah maybe I’ll try this route. Then I will be able to compare them directly. I’ll just have to swallow the cost for a little bit until I sell off whichever I decide to sell.

Beyers paired with the LS is the perfect pairing unless you really like having knives shoved into your ears then I would get the magni heresy


I havent heard the 1a’s but I can highly rec the dt770 250 especially with the LS… really enjoyable pairing :+1:… been my go to the last few days… the LS is such a nice lil amp

To me, the DT770 sounds different than most other closed headphones I’ve tried in the price range. The imaging and instrument separation on them are really something special and unique. When I am using them, it makes me feel like I am the microphone for each individual instrument / voice. They just have a liveliness to them that is really engaging. I guess what I’m saying is that they are definitely worth trying.

I just bought a set of the DT770 250 ohms new off ebay for $120. I’ll compare directly to MDR-1A and then keep whichever I like better.

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Sure thing. Hope you’ll like it :wink:

Out of curiosity, your username and profile photo remind me of No Theme Reviews over on YT. Any association? :slight_smile:

Not really. Imma polish YouTuber tho… Making videos audio and photography related mostly. If you watching ZeosPantera by any chance, I’m his Twitch Co-Host.

Awesome! I saw you mention something about reviewing gear in another thread so I was curious. Thanks for your input!