Should i upgrade to msr7b?

Hallo, im new here.
I thinking about getting msr7b to replace my m40x with angled sheepskin?

Im love listening to female vocal song and i like balance to bright character , vocal forward and huge soundstage headphone. I using ifi zen dac/amp (if i get msr7b i will using the 4.4 pentagon cable) is it worth it?

In my country msr7b only 198 usd or should i get r70x for 212 usd? But the r70x impedance so high and i dont think my zen dac can drive this things haha.

Actually i like to try senn hd58x but not avaible in my country. :frowning:

Based on your description of what you want, I don’t know that the 58x is what you’re looking for with its intimate soundstage. Can’t say if the MSR7b is worthwhile over the M40x, as I haven’t heard it, but 212 for the R70x is a good deal if it’s in good shape and it’s a reference class headphone. The Zen may struggle a little to drive it to its full potential, but if you run it balanced, you should be alright. You can always upgrade the amp later and keep the Zen as your DAC.

Thank you for respond.
Both of it actually new in my country with 1 year guarentee.
Is r70x soundstage wide enough? I watch zeos review and he say r70x has narrower soundstage than hd600.

I have the MSR7 (not b) and, so far, I really loved them. I use them with a Fiio K3 DAC with the bass boost and they really shine in that combo. Without amp/bass boost they lack the bass for me.

My unit is starting to fail (right channel fails sometimes) and I am considering to get an MSR7b.

Thank you for your impression.
I thinking to use zendac with this headphone. Because zen dac is already warm and also have truebass(bass boost).

just save up and keep enjoying the m40x
hell, you can even mod them nicely
keep researching

also keep in mind the jump from closed to open headphones is huge and you can dislike it very much

Yeah maybe you are right. I really love my m40x+sheepskin angled pad with zen dac sound. And i have m40x around 1 years 7 month.
Actually i just intrested with msr7b because i just want to test 4.4 pentaconn And want more clear sounding(becausw of balance). Maybe i use this m40x until i feel bored with it or this things broken. Haha

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if youre worrying about budget and getting into “is it this much better for this much and this is this much and this is this”
just say fuck it dude, no point in spending money because you get some
keep this money saved and just add to it that way you can pick a real contender next year or something

I would rec the MSR7B over R70X if you plan on keeping the Zen DAC. Dont get me wrong I love the R70X and would generally rec them but the zen DAC isnt really compatable with the R70X.
The MSR7B will have just nice soundstage and bigger than the m40x. Deatails are much better and all round is a good closed back.

Thank you. Actually now i thinking get this headphone and selling my m40x and angled pad. Haha