Should you buy your DAC/AMP based on audio science reviews?

I did just discovered this website looks like they measure tons of dac,amps,pre amps, etc.
they do not recommend a single audio gd products because they measure bad. funny thing is i can’t hear a damn distortion etc or whatever on my nfb 11.28.

Any thoughts?

Amir on AudioScienceReviews does review a lot of gear, but I always feel that you should listen to the product before you buy it, always try not to blind buy.

They rec a lot of JDS products.i will try one of them .prob the element line.i really don’t like stacks of dedicated dac aand amps lol.idk if i will see an improvement sq from my nfb 11.28 though…i will buy used

Measurements aren’t the be all end all. In fact, many things sound good (to my ears) that measure poorly.

ASR should not be used as the sole source of knowledge in buying gear. I believe it is negligent to only use 1 source for your purchases. Additional information and auditioning the gear (if possible) is the best way to go.

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IMO absolutley not…

I and many others have amps and dacs that side by side with the best measuring gear the less measuring gear often sound as good or better than the better measuring stuff.

Case in point, the latest THX AAA amps some of the best measuring stuff out there. A HUGE bandwagon of folks rushed to buy these and there is a HUGE rush of folks selling them now…

Why?? Becasue they dont “sound” what people thought they would sound like…

People buy tube amps for $2K and like them better than many of these spectacular measuring pieces of gear.

It doesnt mean that the items at ASR are bad for measuring so well,but numbers alone are the whole picture.

Buyer beware!!


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Kinda relevant to the thread title?..

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I unsubscribed from Bggar, his reviews don’t make sense to me anymore and his tastes certainly don’t coincide with mine. I dislike iems he hyped and like the ones he dislike. Watching his videos will make the difficult process that is buying blind even harder.

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BGGAR is quite transparent when it comes to his reviews imo…he graphs them and judges them on the music he listens to…he has always been opinionated and rightly so seeing as he has his own channel to run and make it interesting, different and entertaining…he’s chilled a tad lately and will rec stuff that may work for people who enjoy other genres.

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I don’t doubt it, it’s just that to me his recs are useless therefore better try to follow people with similar tastes.

they are one resource to use in consideration of the decisions to be made. however, I don’t believe his abysmal review of the AG equipment was due to distortion that comes with tubes, but due to other measurements that were totally unacceptable for any amp.

Amir has always shown tube amps to measure badly compared to solid state, but he has usually commented on pleasing sound when commenting about his listening bit.

Rec’ing iem’s and headphones is probably more subjective than Dac’s and Amps tbh so I understand your reasoning…I try to watch/read as many opinions by all reviewers, ones I trust and ones I don’t before I make a purchase especially when it comes to iem’s as apart from CanJam (Uk cancelled this year I believe :cry:) they’re hard to personally demo and knowing what some folks look for in a product helps me decide on my next purchase.

or just listen to M0N’s recommendations. he is truly the audio god… :wink:


No I’m not lol


Yeah most of the audio shows are getting cancelled, it’s unfortunate

Our god has spoken! revere his words as truth!

bggar is also a big proponnent of getting as much info as you can and try and fit your own taste not reviewers. I’ve seen more than a few reviews he’s said this is what I like and why I like it. My taste doesn’t always line up with him but I like to get his point of view

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@M0N I knew your not gonna comment about this topic LMAO

As long as you aren’t the Audio Gd, then you are fine, lol.

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Yeah, I find that I tend to disagree with him often, but the amount of iems he’s covered is pretty remarkable and I will still check his feedback on a product if I’m interested in it. If someone calls something treble murder, I don’t have to share their taste to know I probably won’t like that iem.

I find I disagree with a lot of Zeos and DMS’s reviews also, but that didn’t stop me from registering for these forums or watching their videos. Nobody can tell you how something is going to sound to you, so you pretty much have to process info and opinions and make your own purchasing decisions. Purchasing anything based on a stranger’s recommendation is a a risky proposition at best.


Like all reviews, it’s another data point. How the review weights on your own personal preferences with the reviewers. More data the better, but you need to vet each review with your own experience. I’ll admit, without having a proper reference getting started nearly everything doesn’t make sense until you listen to something mentioned as a baseline.