Show me your smile! =)

I like this one better. We were playing a wedding in an old barn.


Here are a few covers. Some are full length and some just samples.


Greetings from High-End Munich :slightly_smiling_face::headphones:

PS: this post got out of hand and could be moved to what are you doing today :see_no_evil:


Just listened to the first song, really impressive Jim, is it you that is singing?
Me gusta :slight_smile:

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Thank you my friend! Yes, I sing and play rhythm guitar. My buddy plays lead. I sometimes play harmonica and trumpet, and we have other friends join us with percussion and sax. We just really need a double bass player! But ,there are few in my area. Thanks!


Hope you will find a good match soon.
I need you guys to play at my wedding one day! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grin:

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If you like classic rock, jam bands, folk/rock…with a touch of jazz, blues, and soul…we’re your guys :kissing_heart:

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That sounds perfect for such an occasion :ok_hand:t2:
Will send my private jet to pick you up and fly you in lol :grin:
Is it hard/expensive for smaller acts to be on streaming platforms like tidal? Would love to share it and put it in my Playlist.
Any link to purchase some of your songs?
“On this train” is so good, wanna hear the whole thing!

I’ll search for the full files and can send them to you. No charge, just passing on good music. Send me your email address and I’ll send some tunes.

We never tried to get on band camp or tidal yet, mainly because neither of us are good song-writers. So, instead we do our own takes on covers…i have a jazz and classical background and my buddy is heavily influenced by the Dead and Phish.

We havent gigged yet this year, mainly because I haven’t been hitting the streets doing marketing. I find that discouraging. I have to find an effective way to reach out to club/brewery/winery owners to work out gigs. If you ever wanted i could live record a practice and send it over Zoom or Google meet.


Oh wow that’s fantastic, I appreciate it ! :heart_eyes:
I would totally watch a session and I’m probably not the only one in here… That’s something for the “What are you listening to tonight” thread :sunglasses::ok_hand:t2:

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Great idea. Ill talk with my buddy this week and set stuff up

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more smiles. less jibber jabber. :wink:


At least I know why you‘re smiling in this picture :wink:

Attention :bangbang: =


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Unfortunately i came totally unprepared and had to use foam tips but Trifecta still made me smile and groove, but to be honest I was not that overwhelmed but would love to hear it again with a more critical approach in another environment :slight_smile:

What´s wrong about Jibber Jabber in an off-topic thread?

I like the idea of getting to know each other a little better :wink:

But feel free to post another selfie, maybe one with a funny hat or so? get creative :smiley:

BTW who can tell me what Audeze Headphones I have been listening to in the picture?? I am not familiar with the brand and there are a few that look similar to me.
All i can say is that i like them a lot…guessing LCD-5 because its always the most expensive stuff :roll_eyes:

I love “Don’t think twice it’s alright” so I listened to your cover, what a great arrangement! Really enjoyed it.


Thanks! I really appreciate that! I love that song too. There are so many good versions over the years. Thanks for listening.

(A favorite of mine is Melanie Safka’s cover)

I agree…great song! One of the biggest hits (and best harmony) for Peter, Paul, and Mary!
PS my profile pic fits the thread, right? LOL


I had never heard Melanie’s version before. I enjoyed it. I really like Susan Tedeschi’s version too.