Show off your IEM BOX! (Collection)

With z showing off his iem box (which in my head cannon I take full credit of the idea of using a watch box) I know a buch of people here probably have really nice collections. here is mine


A watch box is a good idea. I was planning to get a jewelry box for my IEMs and then detach the cable and put the iems in the cushions for the (ear)rings, but this may work better.

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One box ain’t enough …
I originally collected them in individual transport cases but soon realized that I don’t take them with me all at once :grinning: Then went for wooden tea bag boxes with glass windows but they are not as easy to handle and only recently I went for the watch boxes when I noticed how cheap they are…


I haven’t bothered investing in a watch box. Instead I am going with cases like this one:

Although, I do have the hard case HAC is selling on order. Just waiting for it to ship (along with two IEMs, bringing me to a total of 6).
Ill probably look into a watch box as my collection grows… After I get done with school, and settle into a place of my own.
Or I could look into this…


(also have another box I call “low-tier” lol


I like these types of storage they only need a glass window?

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There is a Zeos unboxing video out released today showing the use of a watch box for IEM storage… Since I switched to using these boxes instead of the individual cases I happen to experiment more and to rediscover my older IEMs. I really can recommend this approach if you have a larger collection.

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This is one thing the IEMS have over headphones. so easy and compact to store away and collect lol

lower barrier to entry as well as price to performance generally as well

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I have to buy that watch box. Dont have that many IEMs yet but love the clean storage and presentation.
You guys have some serious collections.

Here is an awesome storage box for your iems.

Here’s mine, it’s not a big collection and the 2 on the right are solely there to fill up the space since I never actually use them, but it’s a start.

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Thoughts on shiro Yuki?

I think they’re pretty decent. I use them a lot, when I’m out biking through the city and don’t want to be blocked off from my surroundings and when lying in bed mostly. Sometimes there’s a tone that’s kinda fatiguing, but I’m not enough of an expert to pinpoint what frequency range it is, but I would still recommend them to anyone looking for earbuds under $15 and not wanting to order from China. I do need to disclose that these are my only earbuds so I can’t really compare them to other pairs.
I saw you got yours in as well, have you spend enough time with them to compare them to the other ones you tried?

Mostly now use Tupperware with silica gel and wee bags to protect pretty metal IEM’s :gem:…no show but all go :+1:


The silica gels is a great idea, ill probably do that as well.
I took the watch box a little step further by cutting out some white foam i had from a package, also using a pill dispenser for my tips (certain IEMs behave and fit better with certain tips)
as far as cable i prefer to have a single “fancy” cable rather a few so i just have that one on standby (ya its a bit more annoying reconnecting each time but it help e keep everything in order


My favorite IEM of my collection…



Was waiting for your flex, ahah!


Ha ha. I probably should stop shouldn’t I?

It’s fineeee, you can keep flexin :slight_smile: they are beauties!

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