SHP9500 Upgrade/Sidegrades?

Hey all, I’ve been looking at upgrading my SHP9500’s and can’t decide on what set of cans would be best for me. Gaming wise I mainly play CSGO and music wise I listen more to electronic over other genres.

My budget is $200-300 and I already own a Monoprice DAC/AMP. The headphones I’ve been eyeing are:


Any other recommendations would be appreciated, Thanks.

My vote is to get both the 58X and (X2HR or HE4XX) it would run you over budget, but worth it in my opinion. It’s over budget unless you get it open box/used deal, but worth it. X2HR/HE4XX for enjoying the explosions and Bass with a wide soundstage. 58X when you want clarity and detail for music and CSGO with a smaller soundstage. Though you have find your own solution for a mic if applicable.

I don’t have the HE4XX but it seems to receive similar adjectives to describe it as X2HR.

But if you can only get one, those are the simplified differences.

The next logical step up from a shps to me are the 58x in terms of sound signature. But aren’t good for the genres you listen to. So I think the balance is well struck between good for your music taste and good for gaming with the he 4xx and the x2hr

defo the 58x, they’re great for gaming also.

I would keeping using these. More comfy and wider sound stage, that is good in gaming.
Used HD6XX with gaming but i like SHP9500 way more with games. On music HD6XX is for the win so you need 2 sets. :wink:

If you are in the extreme end of competitive or serious, then I recommend a set of IEMs that attenuate outside noise, have a more immediate sound stage, and image with great resolution.

I personally use the Westone UM Pro 30 for FPS, but I have used and liked other IEMs. While I do like, appreciate, and enjoy open headphones with excellent imaging like my DT 1990 Pro for casual gaming, I find the wide sound stage and depth distracting.

For CSGO, changing gear while staying competitive can be hard so I would recommend sticking with you SHP’s and gain advantages by EQ’ing some of the bass out of the sound.

Based on Z’s reddit headphone guide, perhaps check out the Audio Technica AD series.

I never considered the AD series, I do own a pair of M40x’s and used them before switching to the SHP’s. I would prefer to stay open back, so for IEM’s would the Tin T2’s or T2 Pro be a good choice?

the ad series are open backs like the ad 700x’s. the t2 would be the more similar iem

Sorry I worded that wrong. I meant to say since I’ve used M40x’s I’m slightly familiar with Audio Technica’s signature so the AD1000x seems like they might fit my needs.

I wouldn’t mind just using IEM’s for CSGO and having headphones for everything else, so since I don’t want to spend $399 on IEM’s would the Tin T2/T2 Pro be a good alternative?

I bought my wife a set of Tin T2’s and tested them with a FiiO balanced cable. They have a very close sound stage and fairly good imaging. The T2’s were mostly neutral with a slight bump in bass, but nothing too distracting.

They have less sensitivity than other IEMs but that just means you will have to feed them a little more power. Even so, you can drive them off of a phone so no real worries there. One note is that I did notice the bass got a little grainy at very loud volumes, but the mid and highs kept it together.

So yeah, I had forgotten about them, but the Tin T2’s are recommended. The T2 pros and T3 supposedly have more bass, but I am just going by what other have reported for those.

The t2 pros are the t2 with more highs . The t3 's have more bass and a touch of highs like a little bump at 10k I believe with a slightly narrower soundstage. As someone that loves bass I find the t2s a little anemic in the bass department.