SHP9500 upgrade?

I’ve been using my 9500s for years now with the boom pro and I will keep them as my gaming headphones. Max budget probably like $250 , must be open back.

I’m mainly looking for a music headphone with some warmth and a bit more bass.

I usually listen to music on my home theater setup which I have setup with Kef uni-Qs all around. The speakers have great imaging so I would like to keep a good level of imaging for the headphones too

I listen to just about every genre of music. From technical death metal to J-pop to classical.

I was looking at the Fidelio X2HRs and the Sennheiser HD 58x but wondering if anyone has suggestions.

I had a pair of Hifi-man before but I really was not impressed at all, they may not be my cup of tea.

Follow-up, what are you running them off of?

warm, gaming, open back, 200 range, great imaging…

yep that would be the tygr 300r, but you may need an amp all considering

I would like it to run well off a Meizu MasterHifi adaptor as well as a FiiO E10K

The gaming performance I am not concerned with for this headphone really. I just want headphones that I can listen to music forever on and not get fatigued

Tygr still good even if it wont be used for gaming?

Yep, still works fine if you like the signature