Shp9500 winning pad combo

If anyone wants to try what I think is a pretty good combo. I, just for fun and out of boredom of sitting home, decided to slip my aeolus pads over the 9500s and it’s pretty damn good.

The pads slip all the way over, kinda loosely the headphones, so you don’t have to destroy your stock pads ripping them off the rings.

The sheepskin perfs added too much bass but the perforated suedes sounds pretty damn good. Still adds some bass but keeps good frequencies all around with some added width.

Honestly feels to me like it pulls these closer to a Zmf kind of sound signature. Maybe I’m just crazy. I dunno. Anyone else that has these pads wanna give it a try and let me know? It kinda takes the sharpness off of these and makes them more smooth to listen to but still very detailed.

Not to shabby. I may buy one of the Zmf pads that are just a tiny bit smaller so that they fit a little more snug.

Oh I almost forgot. So much more comfy. These normally fit loose as shit on me but the deeper pads help them fit on my head a little bit tighter and more secure.

Only issue I’m seeing is with the mids I think. They may be muddied up a bit so some mid reliant music isn’t as good.

But it gives a good way to make these a bit smoother if you wanna change up the sound of them a bit.

What cable is that?

It’s just the cable from my Sony mdr-1a lol. The Phillips one was annoyingly janky and long ha

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The bigger issue I’m seeing is that you can’t just go buy the pads by themselves.

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Yeah exactly but that’s why I was thinking buying one of his other pads in perforated suede. The universe would be pretty close.

I put Eikon suedes on mine and it give them a sound sig similar to the argon mk3. Bass is a bit boomier than the argons but are very fun to listen to with those pads. Might be able to improve them with a magnet mod. I have the uni perf suedes and those sound close to the stock sound.

I have round pad adapter rings from modhouse.

SHP9500 get shit on by other people because they’re cheap and endorsed by zeos. But I personally think they’re still the best value you can get for the money. IMO even better value than the 58X.

Yeah I think they are great. The highs are a little harsh but a pad change fixes that. Comfort is weird but pads fix that too. They’re great for their price and a cheap investment to try modding

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