Shp9600 vs fidelio x2hr

Which are overall better for casual gaming.movies and music all around?

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To be honest if I were you if you are in a budget, you might as well get the SHP9500s instead. Also the SHP9600s are not much any an improvement from the 9500s since it’s more like minor update than moving to a new level. Not sure about the X2HRs but I have heard some many good things about it, particularly its soundstage. But if I were you I’d get the SHP9500s for its current price and you can get the SHP9600 sounds by just changing the pads of the 9500s.

X2hr are a better value and have a wider sound stage

but is the mids too recessed after i use eq?

I don’t quite understand the question here. The mids aren’t really recessed to begin with on these three as 9500 is a neutral bright so mids fall on neutrality, 9600 is warm with mids falling still on neutrality but with a cut to the low treble and balanced out highs, and x2hr is warm with mids on neutrality but the brightness peaks a little. Post equalization the mids stay where they are less you are not pre amping the headphone properly. There really isn’t a reason to Equalize the X2HR less you are dialing back the bass due to it’s muddyness. SHP9600 on the other hand really doesn’t need any equalization at all it’s tuned fine. I would definitely second @K4sh1ma statement to go with the 9500 as it’s better value (post mods even more so) and x2hr only if you want better build and a more smooth warm signature to it. You can’t really go wrong here. though, if your planning equalization you really should make sure you have an amp with appropriate power

as far as “which is better” this is extremely subjective. Nobody can answer this for you as this is purely subjective and depends on you and your own preferences.

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I have both the SHP 9500 (which should be close to the 9600 update) and the X2HR… I find the X2HR much more “fun”, more bass-y, more comfortable, more “isolating” although still open-backed and not sacrificing on any soundstage width.

The SHP 9500 are very “airy” and perhaps even wider than the X2HR, very light clamping force, not “isolating” at all.

I would think for the price, if you want a more “fun” and enjoyable listen, being pretty comparable in price at least based on the current Amazon listing for each… I would lean toward the X2HR without a doubt.

Purely subjective of course, goes without saying. Let us know what you go with and your thoughts!

I have had the 9600’s for 3 months and for the last week I have been back to back listening to them and the x2hr. Low and nid bass is stronger on the 96, treble is warmer and slightly let detailed than x2. I personally wanted an lower cost bassier headphone for EDM etc my other open backs are more neutral. I enjoy the 96 more than the x2, it’s also more compact to wear and lighter. I haven’t finished testing yet but I will probably be returning thr x2 as they re too similar to keep both and as said I get more enjoyment with the 96. BTW the 95 and 96 and very different sounding headphines, now I could see me having both of them, bass,treble, tone very different.