Shure SRH1540 vs dt700 pro x vs THX00 mahogany

Hey guys so I need a good comfortable closed back (construction workers next door), I can get the ones in the title for around the same price where I am ($350ish), I’m leaning for the shure but no one really talks about them, the mahogany I’d jump in if they were the ebony but also they’re probably the least comfortable and the 700 seems like they might be a bit overpriced so idk….

I’d just get a 177x… but that one is like $600 here (same for elegia).

If you’re looking for noise isolation against construction next door, don’t get the TH-X00s. They’re only semi-closed, so they won’t block noise nearly as well as legit closed studio monitoring headphones like the 1540s or 700s. On sound I would take the Fostex over the Shures, but the 1540s aren’t a slouch either, just not quite as exciting and dynamic. I haven’t heard the DT700 so I can’t comment. If they’re just the 770s with a retuned driver, I would guess the 1540s are the more capable headphone, but that’s just speculation

How much do you want to pay for a pair of 177x? There’s used options out there. I might let mine go for a reasonable offer with a couple types of different pads that I thought worked well on them.

The problem is I’m in Mexico I’d just get them from drop if could lol, they’re actually listed on my local amazon but they’re close to $700…:sob:

I wonder how the dt700s compare though…

Yeah I’ve been lusting for thx00s for a while but they just don’t seem like the right option rn, I might just go for the shure cause those pads look super comfy for a closed back

I would imagine the 177x is an all around more capable headphone and I’ve heard a lot of bad things about the dt700/900 cable having connection problems and I believe beyerdynamic even recalled them. I’ve had the 177x for a pretty long time and they’re pretty nice for a lot of stuff.

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Maybe the dt770m might be a decent choice? They’re a dt770 made specifically for isolation and monitoring. I always forget they exist.

The m have a super funky frequency response, I think, I actually had de 80 ohm ones and were almost perfect for what I need but they sounded the best with some sheepskin pads that made them just uncomfortable enough with glasses I wasn’t picking them up.

That’s why I’m aiming for something like the 177x which measure well with the stock velours, plus detachable cable and etc…