Sidegrade / Upgrade from DT 1990

I currently own the DT 1990 Pro, had these since they first came out and I really like them. Especially the build quality. The bass is great for open however I have grown to dislike that treable peak. Having had these for 4 - almost 5 years now I’m thinking of getting a new pair of cans.

However having used such a great unit I don’t really want a “downgrade”. I’m looking for either a side grade or an upgrade but below the DT 1990 pro price. I’m basically looking for a pair of open ear cans with good soundstage, great imaging, a similar curve to the dt 1990 but without the treable peak and with similar bass to that if possible.

The main usage of these is going to be gaming, a mix of competitive shooters and more “immersive” games. I do also listen to music (obviously) and its mostly house, techno and orchestral. I do love me music similar to the Interstellar OST as well which sounds INCREDIBLE on the DT 1990.

I’ve seen the Hifiman Sundara and the HarmonicDyne Zeus which are my current top 2 considerations. I’m in the UK so getting something from Drop isn’t possible due to shipping cost & time + tax. The zeus is available on amazon uk so i can get that. Would love to hear your inputs.

Just out of curiosity, what are you running for a source chain with them?

A Topping DX3 Pro, seems to power the DT 1990 really easily.

Gotcha, so if you still enjoy the 1990 you could get something to either upgrade it’s capabilities and address that treble harshness a bit, if you are interested in doing that with a source gear change.

So otherwise this might be somewhat hard to find a tuning that’s really similar to the 1990, the sundara while it would be more linear in the treble than the 1990 it would be different in most other regards, great headphone but I really wouldn’t consider it similar to the beyers. I haven’t heard the zeus so I can’t comment there

A reason I want new cans is because I think the dt 1990 i have is starting to “die”. I’m hearing crackling noises that I never heard before in certain scenarios and i’ve already ruled out all the other factors (dac, cables, tried other headphone on the same setup).

The Sundara I can get for 299 pounds with free next day delivery on Amazon which is great because of amazon refunds etc if I don’t like it. Getting the Zeus would cost me 350 pounds on amazon with a month long shipping time. I think for that reason alone I might go with the Sundara even though I think I’d like the Zeus more. Also the build quality in the Zeus seems pretty bad.

Gotcha gotcha

Safe bet then, should be pretty interesting :+1: