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Before I started doing audio reviews, I was a pretty avid gamer / SIM racer. I had a tight group of friends and we tended to migrate to the same platforms for a few months to a few years.

Started playing the original rFactor with all its wonderful mods and tracks and only stopped playing when life forced us to. I’m not a very serious SIM racer as in scheduled events and tests of actual skill around tracks for time.

I’m definitely enjoyed the exploration of places and the freedom to do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, in a car I definitely can’t afford (or was wholly inappropriate) on a track that probably doesn’t exist anymore. Good times.

I’m looking to get back into the hobby but I’m really at a loss for motivation so I’m starting this post and category to see if anybody else dabbles.

Do you even race bro?

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Hey Zeos, I remember seeing a cockpit that I am assuming you built in some of your older videos. You still have that, right? What is the plan for that? I’m hoping you are going to bring it back to life. That would make a great series of videos, in my opinion.

I was working on it a month or two ago and then found out my pedals controller failed. So I am stuck with no pedals and messed up shifters. I want to get back in and do more DIY hardware for it. I just need to find the time when I am willing to throw a few days away.

Check this out

Imagine that with like a normal price point. $2500 a pedal is too much.



You name the sim between 2005-2012, and I probably raced it. rFactor, GTR, GTR 2, Assetto Corsa, Grand Prix Legends, NASCAR Racing 2003, iRacing, Richard Burns Rally, Live For Speed.

In 2013, I got a work laptop that had a shitty graphics card, so I stopped sim racing on PC and just focused on fun on console. Also got REALLY busy then with kids and life.

It seems like iRacing has cornered the sim racing market these days. Other sims, such as rFactor 2, Assetto Corsa Competizione and the first two Project Cars, exist, but iRacing rules all these days. With good reason, as it’s a terrific sim. You do get nickel-and-dimed on buying extra cars and tracks, but it’s worth it.

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Like I said was never really in it for the “racing” aspect of Sim Racing. I just enjoy the driving physics and maybe a race breaks out between friends. That is why I never liked iRacing, was all way to serious. Everything also being pay to play was also impossible. I had $0 to spend on anything back in the day so I made/modified all my hardware if I could and downloaded/played free mods on rFactor mostly.

The Bad ole days, the All or nothing days.

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I’ve got a Moza R5 and ras1ution 2 that I use to play GT7 once in a while. It’s pretty fun, although it’s hard to find the time.

I’m using a knockoff nextlevelracing wheel stand, that’s the only thing I could see myself upgrading. But I play in front of a 120 inch projector so I need something that I can move outa the way when I’m not playing and those cockpits look hard to move around and store.

I used to a lot… sound is through a Schiit Bifrost 2 going out to a set of Adam t5vs and a JBL sub. Screens are 3 32" Samsungs for a total of 8 feet of real estate. Dirt series 1,2,3,4, Rfactor 1 and 2, Project carz, GTR and GTR2 and Assettto Corsa 1 and 2. I really have not touched it much the last couple of years. The rig is a Obutto revolution 3 made with chrome moly and can be swapped to a flight sim setup pretty quickly which I also have. I spend most of my time on my other rigs where the music is.
After my wife passed I had to do something so I built and got into this . Takes up a whole room .


Impressive rig!

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