Simple curiosity

are the audeze lcd2 closed back any good? What kinda sound signature and imaging do they have?

They are pretty good, but not my favorite for a closed back. They sound more or less like a bit more neutral lcd2, but do have some strange peaks. Bass is actually pretty even and normal for a closed backs. Midrange is strange though from when I heard it last time. I much preferred the normal lcd2 in that case. Treble was good an no issues to me in that regard, although it doesn’t sound that detailed and open as the regular 2. Overall my main complaint was timbre tbh. Soundstage and imaging are normal for the audeze.

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whats timbre?

So typically to sum it up, it’s how something sounds not related to frequency response kinda similar to tone. So it’s like how realistic does an instrument sound. Does this horn sound close to a horn in real life? A headphone with good timbre will sound natural, and a headphone with poor timbre will sound fake or unnatural. I think the regular lcd2 does a better job sounding natural than the lcd 2 closed back. If you wanted good timbre in a closed back in that price range, the aeon 2 closed is pretty sweet, a great closed back in this price range

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ok thanks for the clearup. ive heard s-range when rating headphones what exactly is that?

S-range? Sibilance? It’s like sharp sss sounds or hhh sounds

thank you for clearing up all my doubts. you’ve been a great help.

Timbre also known as tone color. If a headphone has good timbre it means that the pitch of the tone/frequency that the instrument produce sound realistic/correct.