Simple headphone stand from wooden pins

Quite simple headphone stand built from:


very nice and well done!

how long did it take you to assemble it all?

Version 1 is more simple (17x d=4mm), pins’ assembly with glue took around 15 min. Version 2 - there is too many pins (19x d=3mm and 6x d=4mm), that is why assembly took more than 30 min. Slow glue is necessary. The problem is to put all pins togeter simultanously into second printed holder. Rest of assembly was quite easy, as expected.

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New version of simple headphone stand from wooden pins:


For those AKGs, consider hanging them from the frame and not from the strap to take strain of the adjustment mechanism.

Yes, it is true. But this time I have bought K280 with already broken elastic strap. I have already rebuilt some AKG with broken straps - K301 (Refurbishing Philips SBC3398 like AKG K301). I will do sth similar with K280. Thanks anyway for input.

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