Simple headphone stand from wooden pins

Quite simple headphone stand built from:


very nice and well done!

how long did it take you to assemble it all?

Version 1 is more simple (17x d=4mm), pins’ assembly with glue took around 15 min. Version 2 - there is too many pins (19x d=3mm and 6x d=4mm), that is why assembly took more than 30 min. Slow glue is necessary. The problem is to put all pins togeter simultanously into second printed holder. Rest of assembly was quite easy, as expected.

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New version of simple headphone stand from wooden pins:


For those AKGs, consider hanging them from the frame and not from the strap to take strain of the adjustment mechanism.

Yes, it is true. But this time I have bought K280 with already broken elastic strap. I have already rebuilt some AKG with broken straps - K301 (Refurbishing Philips SBC3398 like AKG K301). I will do sth similar with K280. Thanks anyway for input.

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Updated version of stand from wooden pins - place for hanging cable and more color versions.


That’s way cool lookin’! You could definitely sell some of these if you put up ads or an Etsy shop if you’re so inclined. I absolutely dig the look of these and as long as they’re sturdy and well balanced, I wouldn’t mind having one or two of these for my collection. If you end up going that direction with it, let me/us know for sure. :metal::sunglasses:

hmmm…I wonder how hard it would be to add a second horizontal piece so you can wrap the cable up like you do with an upright vacuum.

That’s actually a pretty cool idea. Good thinkin’. Though, since headphone cables don’t have a clip that lets you clip the plug to the cable, it might not be as slick in practice as I’m thinking, but it’d be cool to find out.

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perhaps make it with a lil plastic clip that you can click the headphone jack(s) into to keep it neat n tidy? :slight_smile:

Hey, I’m all for it. I’d love to see OP give this a shot.

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No it is not a big effort. One new 3d model needs to be created for fixing additional vertical pins in the middle of horizontal pin 12 mm.

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It is light weight stand, but bottom plate is the heaviest part and whole stand is stable. I was able to hang on it even Takstar HF580 around 500g.

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Do you want to order headphone stand with shopping from Poland or you want to get 3d models for DIY?


If you’re gonna start making and selling them then I’d have no problem buying one and paying for shipping to support that effort, but if you’d rather not do that then the 3D files to make one myself would be great. :+1::sunglasses:

Generally they have been built at first for me then for gift for sb and then one for sell for colleague from job. OK. I will prepare both options.

  1. Here is some advetisment with availble colors and cost evaluation (without buy now option).
    Headphone stand DIY from wooden pins and printed parts with hanging place for a cable For Sale - UK Audio Mart
    If someone will want to buy then I will prepare ad with particular customized piece (and pictures of selling piece).
  2. In next week I will have ready missing 3d model for second vertical pins for cable and then I will share models via thingiverse (link will be placed on this topic as well).

Here is availalbe downoading models for DIY:

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just curious, do you call it wood pins in Europe? over here in North America we call that dowel.

Dowel in the UK too…probably a metric thing :man_shrugging::joy:

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