Simple Minds in Ultra HD on Amazon Music

I just checked Amazon Music and was surprised to find a lot of the Simple Minds catalog on it in Ultra HD quality. New Gold Dream never sounded so good! :smiley:

If you wanna take a listen I recommend the “New Gold Dream” album first. No it doesnt have “Dont You Forget About Me” on it. None of their albums do. Check their greatest hits for that song. Of course all their albums sound great. If you want more check out their latest “Walk Between Worlds” album. Then Maybe “Street Fighting Years” and the “Celebrate” greatest hits albums. The one with the statue head on the cover.

BTW for some strange reason the track “Hunter and the Hunted” on the New Gold Dream album is a live cut. Not the original studio track. Which was one of the best songs off the album. To hear a version very close check out the “Alternative Take” track of it on the Super Deluxe version of New Gold Dream also there.


BTW There’s a Simple Minds discussion group here:!forum/simple-minds-walk-between-minds

I maintain and often listen to a “classic alternative” playlist that I’ve had for years. Have several Simple Minds tracks in it, but I don’t think I’ve ever really taken a deep dive into their catalog of music.

Your thread has inspired me to do so. Thanks for the post.

Glad to help. I’m a huge Simple Minds fan. i have all of their 18 albums lol. feel free to email me or ask questions here if you want to know anything

All 18 albums? You are a true fan, as in fanatic. :grin:
I couldn’t imagine having that much music from any one band.

damn I though everyone had that one band/artist whose entire catalog was just in their collection I have a few. MF DOOM, Vamprire weekend, Death cab for Cutie , Nujabes,the gorrilaz but none of them are 18 albums deep though

I have lots of Led Zeppelin, but they only put out 8 or 9 albums. I do have large chunks of music, nothing close.

I just realized that I have to take that back. I got into Jazz a few years ago and went nuts with Miles Davis and have over 30 albums, including collaborations. But I never listen for than a few hours at a time. The only CD’s I have bought in years. There are lots of MD sets.

U2, Duran Duran, Depeche Mode all have 14 count albums. I have all the U2 albums too. But yeah Simple Minds started earlier than most bands. they were an influence to a lot of bands and where leaders in their Genra. I love their prodigious output.

While most bands write good songs but most of their albums are filler, Simple Minds puts out good albums. Where all the songs are good. U2 does this also but are 4 albums behind lol. Not sure of other bands that have this out of my Genra besides the Beatles. They had 13 and were an albums band. But i dont stick with a band if there output declines. i dont have the 4 Duran albums after “Poptrash”. And i dont have any Coldplay albums after “X&Z”

What’s that one melancholic Depeche Mode song that’s about an old seaside town? It has a great video too but I can’t remember the name, ugh.

edit: nvm, I was actually thinking about Morrisey. The song was Everyday Is Like Sunday.

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I have all the nofx albums lol. Most I got in my teen years. 15 albums

I just listened to the tidal master of their acoustic album on my aeon 2 opens and I was pretty darn impressed. A lot of sounds bouncing around for acoustic. Not too shabby.

Yeah its more than just an acoustic session. You can tell they went into the Studio and did a whole production. Glad you liked it

Yeah definitely. Although I generally prefer live an raw acoustic that was very well done. :+1: