Simple Setup solution

Hi, I’m going to rebuild my gaming/ YouTube watching setup.

I have a game console and two laptops I switch between, an old technics amp and some canton speakers.

I am planning on tying everything together with a Fiio bta 30 so I get the console audio over usb and everything else via Bluetooth.

Is there an other device like the bta30 or a better solution to this? I am trying to stay under 200€
The console only has usb and hdmi outs and I don’t want to use the monitor as a dac

Please let me know if you have any ideas! Thanks


1080p or more?

My computer (HDMI out), and PS3 (HDMI out), are connected to this, outputting 1080p video (max.) to my monitor and 24/192khz audio (max.) to coax out, to an external sound card (100$ or less smsl sanskrit 10th).

Edit: I suggested this because I think you will get bad results if you “bluetooth everything”. Imperfect sound quality, maybe, but above all, I’d be scared of… “one day it sounds good, the other it doesn’t”. Bluetooth can be temperamental.

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Hi thanks:) but i need 4K/60 hz and the amp only has rca inputs. I was thinking about a similar solution but it would need a separate dac to convert gosling back to analog

This one will do [email protected] and in addition to hdmi out it has a line out as well

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That’s a nice solution thank you, however I can’t buy it in Germany :confused:

These are hard to find… there’s a ton on eBay though, used or not… it’s a metal box. Bought mine 2 years ago and it’s still working… working 24/7 since, more or less.

There’s a ton of similar things that could help on Amazon too. Maybe just a simple HDMI Y-splitter, then an HDMI-to-coax (yellow) out, then a DAC.

But hey… maybe what you’re really looking for, is an inexpensive AVR. That’s big, but that just would do everything. Multiple HDMI inputs, RCA inputs, outputs to power your (passive, I guess) speakers, etc. Just plug one laptop in the “DVD” hdmi input, another in the “bluray” hdmi input, your console in the “TV” hdmi input, whatever, it doesn’t matter.

Edit: Even the brand new Denon AVR540BT isn’t expensive and would do everything you want. Just wait for a sale, or buy used.

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Thank you. Yes I have an pioneer avr and it works well with multiple devices but it’s too big. I’m going away from my multimedia room to a simple desk in the bedroom because of our baby (coming in late July).
And using a ton of cables and splitters and adapters might not be helpful with the limited space. Maybe I can find the monoprice on eBay or a small Avr.

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My AVR is under my computer monitor right now. :stuck_out_tongue: :man_shrugging:

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Hey, maybe a good old smsl AD18 as a speaker amp? It has usb input for your two laptops and optical input for your console (and bluetooth input if needed).

Edit: Or the SMSL su-9 if your speakers are active (XLR outputs to active speakers).

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Yup that’s it. This even eliminates the amp. Thanks so much guys​:blush::blush:

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