🔷 Singxer SA-1

I dunno, I continue to enjoy the SA-1. I never did the jumper mod on it as I never felt the need to. Since I don’t use IEMs, I just set the gain to high and forgot about it. I also like the versatility of this amp as I use its balanced output as a pre to feed my speaker setup. I love that Class A flavah! I feel like this amp is best when used with efficient dynamic driver headphones. Planars are not at their best on this amp in my opinion. This has been my experience with it.


I’ve found that using an otl as a pre amp and then run planars on this amp makes every planar I’ve tried with it absolutely amazing IMO.


Good idea. Perhaps that is the secret sauce that I was missing with regard to running planars on it! :+1:t2:

That is what the amp is known for. In this case, it might be a nice fit for my use.

I saw the certified units, but I didn’t like dealing with APOS in the past. There is a used one for sale on CAM that I have looked at.
I am going to put a tube amp up for sale on Friday. I bought a couple of tube amps to try the tube sound more strongly and now I am looking for a different sound, that will compliment my favourites.

Yeah I would likely just keep it in low gain and just use my efficient 'phones with it. I already have an iFi for the hard to drive stuff.

Glad to hear you still have the amp and still enjoy it. We all buy, try and sell so quickly that in some cases we don’t appreciate what we have/had. I can think of several amps that I wish I hadn’t sold.

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Yeah it’s still my main amp, good pairing with the Schiit Bifrost and Beyer DT880 600 ohm. Stopping here for the foreseeable future.


My Hart Audio custom cables for my 2 KPH40i was delivered today so this evening I’ll swamp my TA26’s back to my SA1’s theyre on top of & give them a go in balanced for movie sound. Last night I had swapped to the TA26’s but I know the KPH40i need solid state to keep the low end clean. Both the SA1 & TA26 work great on 600ohm DT880 by the way. I haven’t yet tried the SA1 with the KPH40 for more than 2 minutes, because the stock cable is far too short. New balanced cables are 2 meters. I expect smiles.

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Well as it turns out, 2 meter long headphone cable is about 2 meters not enough cable for my purposes. 2 meters will be fine for desktop listening but sitting back 6 or 7 feet from the big TV I need more slack in the wire. Probably 2 meters more slack to be comfortable. However, I’m very pleased with the sound quality with both the Koss KPH40i & the Sennheiser HD660S2 on the Singxer SA-1. Note the stock cable for the HD660 is also far too short for anything but desktop listening.

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I did the same thing for my HD660S as well because they migrate from room to room. I have a 7-foot Audiophile Ninja cable for the office/music room desktop system and a 10-footer (also Audiophile Ninja) for the bedroom system.

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I haven’t had much time with my 660’s yet, but in the few minutes I did listen testerday I knew I had never heard a headphone before that had so much obvious 3D soundstage/imaging. That is what I’ve been searching for. Note I was previously only listening to music on Amazon HD via Bluetooth, but that rig is down at the moment & so I’m now listening to movies & shows on Amazon Video or YouTube from my TV’s optical output. Now The Expanse S1E1 is my main test reference lol.