🔷 Singxer SA-1

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  • XLR & RCA in and pre out, 4.4mm & 4 pin bal headphone out, 1/4 inch unbal out
  • 6.5W@32 ohms, 2W@120 ohms
  • Gain settings and pre mode

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Z Reviews

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Does anyone have any experience with this amp, and could recommend it or tell if i should stay away from it.

also would a Schiit modius be a good choice to put together with it, or should i find someting better?

I would be looking into getting it for the Goldplaner gl 2000 and Beyerdynamic dt 880 600 ohm with a balanced mod.

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I’m afraid I don’t know.
I have the Singxer Sda2 C and it is really great.
I think that in the Sa 1 you probably also took something from the Sda 1-2.
Singxer convinced me, along with the other Chinese manufacturer Matrix Audio.
The two manufacturers make products at the highest level.

Performance-wise, you won’t have any problems with the Sa 1.
It will drive everything you give it.
How it will sound has to be tested.

Singxer has unfortunately not yet reached the status of being known in Europe or the USA.
Which is a pity, because they can really do something.
I would definitely buy the Sda 2 again.

I am still thinking about the Singxer Su 2.

The few thing i was able to find about it was here:

As far as i can understand it is just as good if not a bit better than the A90,
so hearing you have great expereince with their other products just makes it seem like a better chance to take.

Thanks for the response

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Yes, I have had a Singxer SA-1 for a few months, purchased from Drop.com. You can read my review there. I highly recommend this amp, for its incredibly natural, detailed sound, with plenty of power in low-gain for my headphones. I prefer it over the 3 other headphone amps I own, including a Topping A-90. I don’t know how you could beat this for the price.


Is the amp able to present a holographic stage, or is it flat, i.e. 2d?

I may not be the best judge of this, but I had no complaint regarding soundstage with this amp. I still think one would have a hard time beating the Singxer SA-1 at its price. I like buying new gear, and have moved on to a Burson Soloist 3X headphone amp, which is now by far my favorite amp. See the YouTube review by Passion For Sound.

Oh, that’s what I want to buy next. Can you compare them to your previous amps please!

anyone have this and use the pre amp output? is there a sound change from a normal pass through ? would love to be able to pass a little class A to my class D if thats possible

Does anyone know something about the DT 880 paired with the Singxer SA-1? Just ordered both due to the recent Z review…

Am I wrong to have a question about how a pure Class A without any top venting puts out 6w?
Not much mention of heat. Perhaps this is just has a relatively high class A bias? Someone smarter please? @MazeFrame

There are a number of ways to keep electronics cool:

  • Big Chunk of Aluminium to act as a “heat sponge”, this hopes the high-thermal load is over before everything overheats and dies. You can see this a lot on computer motherboards.

  • Heatsink, the sensible way is to have a heatsink and some airflow from vents or fans.

  • Using the case as a heatsink, some thermal pads and thoughtful design can make use of the surface area provided by the devices case to sink away heat. IIRC the Schiit speaker amps do this, Streacom does this for PC cases.

Note on power specs:
Their product blurb says something about 4A transistors (as in: can handle 4 Amps)
At the 6480mW into 32 Ohm, each transistor passes less than half their nominal rating. I have the suspicion to get those 6.5W, they have the transistors just barely still in the “linear region” of the transistor curve. In simple terms: Sounds crap, delivers all the power without too many losses.

To tell for sure, someone would have to take the heatsink off, trace out what goes where (because black PCBs are king at hiding traces) and maybe stick some probes in there.


You mentioned you prefer the Soloist and Singxer to the GSX mini, do you mind comparing them a bit since you own all 3? Interested in buying one of them right now, and obviously would prefer to avoid the most expensive option if it’s not a clear winner. Thanks!

For almost $2,000 (depending on the option chosen), the HeadAmp GS-X mini has become a disappointment to me, and is sitting on a shelf. Hard for me to describe what is wrong with this amp. It’s not bad, just not as great as the competition. You can’t go wrong with either the Singxer SA-1 or the Burson Soloist 3X. The Singxer has a beautiful slightly warm sound that is amazing for the price. The Burson, however is in another league, with build quality, clarity, transparency and detail that my other amps can’t match. I also have a Topping A90, which ranks last for me (although it also is a good amp). Watch the YouTube review of the Burson, by “Passion for Sound”.


Hey Robert. I just caught up and read your posts here. Could I ask if you still prefer the Soloist? And what headphones are you pairing these amps with? Thanks.

Yes I’m thrilled with the Burson Soloist 3X. My DAC is a Chord Qutest. The headphones I use most often are my Meze Empyrean and Dan Clark Ether 2. Both sound great with the Burson.


I’m replying to my previous post because I’m giving another listen to my HeadAmp, and really enjoying it. Maybe there was something not right in my setup the last time I used it. So, now I would say I can enthusiastically recommend, in order of low price to high:
Singxer SA-1
Burson Soloist 3X
HeadAmp GS-X mini

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I also received my SA-1 yesterday. Currently comparing especially with the A90 to determine which one to keep or if it’s worth it to keep both. At the moment I prefer the lush sound of the SA-1. It’s smoother and more alive at the same time compared to the A90. I especially prefer my Arya on the Singxer. Those on the A90 can sound a little bit clinical and lifeless. That was the main reason I wanted to try the SA-1 and for now I think it’s giving me exactly what I was hoping for. Even on low gain it has plenty of power.
My Aeolus and Celestee also sound very nice on it. Normally I listen especially Aeolus only on tubes. I still prefer them on tubes but the Singxer is also more enjoyable than the A90. I guess pure linearity is just not my preferred sound signature.

Btw: I’m also using the Singxer also as a Pre for my Adam T5V. Don’t know if I’m imagining it but they sound quite a bit fuller and more punchy. It’s hard to A/B so I can’t compare directly.


How much of an upgrade is the Singxer over the THX-789? Is it worth $300 more? Can most things be powered in low gain?

For me the A90 was a worthwhile upgrade from the 789 and now I’m probably going to sell my A90 since I prefer the SA-1 sound signature even more. So for me I’d definitely be worth it. It can even handle my Hifiman Arya very well when balanced on low gain.